Demi Lovato Shaves Head, Doesn't Give a F-ck

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Demi Lovato often changes the color of her hair.

She once joked that it's because she's bipolar.

But this? This new look? This goes above and beyond the occasional blonde or pink dye job.


Demi Lovato Shaved Head

The singer just released the above photo on Twitter, including with it a caption that reads:


For those wondering, that acronym stands for I Don't Give A... exactly.

We're ask what you think of Lovato's new 'do, but will there really be contrasting opinions in this case? Let's hope her locks grow back quickly.

And let's take a look at a few other crazy celebrity hairstyles, shall we?


Hi demi lovato I have some cool fashion designs to give out to u


Evryone els are just man beacuse she can pull it of and they cant i like it!!!$;)*


Evryone els are just man beacuse she can pull it of and they cant i like it!!!$;)*


This is actually not that crazy of a hairstyle. It's pretty common, actually (Avril Lavigne, Rhianna, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Cher Lloyd, and Jaime Pressly have all done this at one point or another), so shame on you for making a big deal because she wants to do something exciting with her hair. At least she's not going to jail or being an asshole to the world.


exactly: I WILL FUCK YOU.


Demi Lovata probably does this kind of thing like many other Disney stars who have drug addictions to get attention. They cant get attention for being regular people so they have to act crazy to get it, plus there is the continual drug problem going on around people like her, Miley and Selena. Maybe they dont feel like they are talented enough to get real attention so they have to act like the bad girls to get it, and it calls for further re-hab and couseling for them, to get to the root of their crazy Disney drug problems. Of course, their butte buddy Chris Brown has just been diagnosed as being bi-polar, too.

@ Vivian Gomez

It's really not that crazy. She just wanted to cut her hair. People keep making a big deal out of what she does, but that's their problem. The real sad thing is that there are more people jumping to report on her choices she makes with her hair than to report on her concerts because she actually does have a lot of talent. Or better yet, report on the positive messages she has to share with others. But no, they report on her hair.

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