Top Chef Winner: Who Was Really Cookin?

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The Top Chef: New Orleans finale pitted two contrasting finalists against each other.

There was Nicholas, a man known for his temper; and Nina, a relaxed island woman from St. Lucia.

Who would come out on top in the end? Who would impress a panel that included guest judges Chef Morimoto and Chef Paul Bartolotta?

After selecting from a pool of eliminated contestants to help them come up with a four-course meal, and after enjoying a surprise dinner with family members, Nicholas and Nina got down to business.

The latter went with an island theme for her meal, while Nicholas (a French cuisine expert) told the judges he just wanted to have "fun" with his menu.

And that apparently worked: while most panelists agreed that Nina's highs were higher than those of Nicholas, they said the same about her lows, noting especially a problem with Nina's Zeppole.

And that was all it took... Nicholas is your Top Chef champion!

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Nick should have NEVER been in the finale! How many times do you have to tell someone their food is under-seasoned? I was very disappointed in Tom and more disappointed with the other judges who let him "punk" them.


" ....island woman from St. Lucia"?.....huh? ? How does have relevance to the cooking?


It was obvious to all viewers that by the comments of the majority of the judges Nina was the overwhelming winner. Nina you are our winner and the whole of Miami and St. Lucia know you to be the WINNER. You were oh so gracious on hearing the fateful decision. WE are so proud of you!!!!!


This result almost choked me, Colicchili you are a disgrace to the profession of jusges, you need to quit, Your attitude is worst than Nick's (stinks), its like none of the other judges thoughts matter to you. Nina you are the winner no matter what that crappy Colicchili says, not only can you cook but you are very gracious. Hats off to you young woman. Your people are sure proud of you


I have lost all respect for the show and I am sure ratings will suffer because of the BAD decision. If the top judge, Tom Colicchili, is not going to take into consideration the opinion of other judges, why have them?Tom should be ashamed of himself. Nick had a terrible attitude! He took advantage of his immunity and did not focus on creating a good dish as a result. He didn't care! Nina was such a gracious loser, she knows in her heart she was the better chef and that is what COUNTS! Perhaps Tom is prejudice? There is no other reason for the decision that was made. Shame on Tom!! He has been exposed!

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