The Bachelor Preview: Fantasy Suite Nightmares Ahead For Juan Pablo and ...

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The Bachelor airs special back-to-back episodes tonight and tomorrow as Juan Pablo Galavis takes his final four on hometown dates, then overnight dates.

Tonight, his visits to the ladies' hometowns will end with one shown the door. Tomorrow, the final three will embark on a journey to a tropical paradise.

It is there, Us teases, that Juan Pablo's WORST NIGHTMARE comes true.

Juan Pablo: Fantasy Suite Nightmares!

What the celebrity gossip tabloid means (and The Bachelor spoilers have already made clear) is that yet another woman will dump Juan Pablo and leave the show.

The magazine won't name the woman, but we have a pretty good idea.

Given speculation that Andi Dorfman becomes the next Bachelorette, it stands to reason that she bails, leaving Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell as the final two.

That's just our best guess for now, though. According to insiders:

  • The lady in question goes into the Fantasy Suite with JPG.
  • Once inside the love den, "she sleeps with Juan Pablo."
  • Then, "they stay up the rest of the night talking."
  • It's the talking part that goes badly.

This, apparently, is because Juan Pablo opens up about his Fantasy Suite experiences with a different contestant. That's not going to be awkward at all.

He also informs Andi Dorfman (or whomever) that she almost got sent home, and talks about himself so much that she gets frustrated and eventually leaves.

Calling him "immature, rude and inappropriate" no less. Wow.

Deeming the evening "a disaster," she "lets him have it," telling him she's never been with someone who asked her so little about herself. It gets worse.

"There's a difference between being honest and being and a--hole," she proclaims, and with that, we're setting our DVRs and checking them twice.

UPDATE, 2/25/14: As expected, Renee Oteri is out of here.

That leaves Andi Dorfman, Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell still in the hunt and ready for some Fantasy Suite action tonight ... for better or worse.

Will El Bachelor get dumped as expected? We'll be tuning in to watch along with you, but based on Andi's hometown date, it's looking even more likely.

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Wow, he makes dumb jocks look smart * the only word he knew the meaning to was " it's okay" and words like, me, I'm, it's okay...and he can add, 2 girls left.He was just cast for his looks. A b c now realizes they made fun of the women's emotions. They make him a comparison to a donkeys ass. I hope the 2 remaining ladys are not nieve. What a waste of time. I'm glad I only watched the last 3 episodes. This is a confirmation that I will not watch the bachelor again. It's possible to have a "Juana paula" version of jp.


I haven't watched the bachelor for a long time.
All the hype and advertising that was done on Juan Pablo aroused my curiosity!
Well what a disappointment! JP is the most shallow self-centered arrogant of any of the bachelors. Are we going to see him after the season on some entertainment show as an anchor! Like Ali Fedowski who is so annoying!!" What's up with the show?
These bachelors and bachelorets are going down hill! I hope all three girls dump Juan Pablo!


Let's not forget that this show takes women back to the stone age! All of these smart, beautiful women professing their love for one man, after a few weeks of travel! They won't be traveling and staying in five star hotels. They will be babysitting Juan's daughter while he goes to work. Yuck!


He should've never let ranae go, she might not have been the most attractive one on the show, but she was the best girl for juan pablo. ranae was everyones friend and she was the only one that said she was in love with juan pablo, her only mistake was that she diden't tell juan pablo in time before he let her go, big big mistake juan pablo made.


I am so disappointed with this season of the Bachelor. I thought Juan Pablo would be a Gentleman but he's proven to be anything but. He says Camilla is his main priority but I don't think he is showing her a good example of how a man should treat a woman. In my opinion he's just enjoying Traveling all over the place and making out with all these women.

@ Jennifer Stout

Juan Pablo is definitely a gentleman and then some!what did he do that other bachelors didn't do? All of them kissed and acted the same way with the women..he is probably the most sincere and himself...what you see is what you get!


Hi, I agree!!! This is the WORST Bachelor of ALL!!! This venezuala **hole is a total looser!!! By this time, he should totally know WHO he tends to propose and shouldn't be smooching or SLEEPING with other last contestants and acting all boyfriend/girlfriend with them all... especially at the end like this. OhMyGod... wait 'till the winner sees the show's taping. Fuck!! His giddy ways are so fake... and evidently went for looks. Which brings me to Missy Claire... honestly, I don't think she's all there! But boy I'd like to be near her as a contestant... I'd have a ball w/her bitchy ways... I wouldn't be as quite as Nikky was. I'd give her a piece of my mind for sure.

@ Mariette

Wow haters!juan Pablo is the funniest cutest bachelor! Claire is a babe ,stop judging! Your not the one who is going to get married..stop being miserable!! Go juan!


I cannot stand Clare. The only reason I think they should end up together is because they're both fake and deserve each other. I love Renee, Nikki and Andi, but they all deserve so much better.


I was voting all the way fro Rene. She should be the next bachelorette.


Juan Pablo was handsome until he opened his mouth. He acts the same with all the women. He moans sexually when he hugs them and talks to them as if they are children. He IMO should be with the mother of his child. He is too immature. I want Rene to be the next bachelorette.

@ tendr

I have never seen a nicer, more kind lady on the show! It was so wild that girls would go to her to complain or get advice and she really listened and didn't say, hey, I want this guy too! I thought about her being the next Bachelorette too but now think she's probably had enough of reality TV and would rather spend more time with her son. He was a doll, btw :)


rene was the best one the show lost my respect when she was voted off

@ Chris

I agree. Rene was my fav from the very start. she had the most mature attitude and class.

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