Chantel Jeffries on Justin Bieber: We're Just Friends!

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Chantel Jeffries has shot down rumors about her relationship with Justin Bieber, while simultaneously sticking up for the singer.

The model - who was seated alongside Bieber when he was pulled over for DUI and drag racing last month - opened up to E! News today and said she was never dating the artist.

Chantel Jeffries Pictures
Chantel Jeffries is a model who made news for being in the car with Justin Bieber at the time of his arrest. Check out some photos here.

“We’re friends," Jeffries told Terrence Jenkins.

So they were never more than friends? Even for a night? Even for a smooch?

"Do you kiss your friends, Terrence?" Jeffries asked. "Do you sleep in the same bed as your friends?”

What about Bieber's reputation as someone who takes a lot of drugs and who think he's God's gift to the universe?

Jeffries says there are a lot of "misconceptions about Justin" and - while "legal reasons" prevent her from discussing the night of the arrest - she said Bieber was "just happy to be out" of jail the next day and that's why they went down to Panama… together.

Some have referred to Jeffries as a gold digger who has simply attached herself to a rich celebrity.

What does Chandel have to say in response?

“If anything, you can say I’m a goal-digger because, guess what? I have my own goals. And I’m focused on those. I don’t really need anybody else.”

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