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Kelly Blazek, a Cleveland-based PR executive and authority on local communications jobs listings, was undone by the same thing that built her up:

Social media.

Kelly Blazek Letter

With her ego boosted by the position she cultivated via LinkedIn and other networks, she soon became an Internet villain at the hands of someone she shunned.

The irony.

Blazek, for a little more back story, produced and distributed a popular email that culled job openings from online job sites and from her own contacts.

She worked for 10 years building her contacts and selecting the list of people who receive the email, limiting recipients largely to those with experience.

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George Lopez was arrested last night at casino in Canada where he had one too many ... or 10 too many. He got popped for public intoxication after this:

George Lopez Drunk

Law enforcement sources say Caesars Windsor security alerted police to the Lopez "situation," i.e.. the comedian passed out on the casino floor.

The 52-year-old was arrested inside the casino bar at the Caesars Windsor; no charges were filed after Lopez was taken to a holding area to sober up.

Lopez had performed at the casino just prior to his arrest. Guess it went really well? Or really badly? Either way, he's scheduled to perform again tonight.

Lopez has been released and will perform this evening ... but not before he joined this awesome collection of stars who have gotten arrested here in 2014!

Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested in 2014
Gotta love Tyler the Creator. Here's his mug shot after he incited a riot at SXSW.
View As List
Tyler the Creator

1. Tyler the Creator

Gotta love Tyler the Creator. Here's his mug shot after he incited a riot at SXSW.

Chris Pine

2. Chris Pine

Chris Pine was booked for driving under the influence in March. Silly Star Trek star.

Young Jeezy

3. Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy was arrested for allegedly beating up his son and threatening to kill him in January.

Flavor Flav

4. Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav wasn't just arrested for speeding and drug possession. He was arrested for these things on the way to his mom's funeral!

David Cassidy

5. David Cassidy

David Cassidy has to go to jail for a long time. He has been arrested THREE times for drunk driving.

Lil Za

6. Lil Za

Did Lil Za take the rap for Justin Bieber? He was arrested for possessing drugs inside the singer's home.

Justin Bieber

7. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was caught speeding and allegedly drag racing during a late night out in Miami.

Andrea Clevenger

8. Andrea Clevenger

Andrea Clevenger starred on the show Cheer Perfection. She was arrested for raping a minor.

Darren Sharper

9. Darren Sharper

Darren Sharper made multiple All-Pro teams in the NFL. But he was arrested for rape in his retirement.

Soulja Boy

10. Soulja Boy

Silly Soulja Boy. He was booked on charges of gun possession in Los Angeles.

Matt Hardy

11. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy, a former WWE champion, was arrested for assaulting his wife in a bloody hotel fight.

Chris Kattan

12. Chris Kattan

Chris Kattan was not funny on Saturda Night Live. Even less funny? His arrest for DUI.

Bree Walker

13. Bree Walker

Bree Walker is a former Los Angeles news anchor. She made news for drinking and driving.

Sam Worthington

14. Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington allegedly beat up a photographer after the man allgedly kicked the actor's girlfriend in the leg.

Raymond Felton

15. Raymond Felton

Raymond Felton was arrested in early 2014 on weapons charges. He was already having a terrible years on the Knicks.

George Lopez

16. George Lopez

George Lopez drunk at the casino. He got arrested after this display.

Kate Major

17. Kate Major

Kate Major has been arrested for DUI after trying to drive away from a violent argument with Michael Lohan.

Chief Keef

18. Chief Keef

Chief Keef was arrested for DUI in March ... two weeks after leaving rehab.

Jim Irsay

19. Jim Irsay

Jim Irsay is the owner of the Colts. He was arrested in 2014 for drunk driving.

Anita Baker

20. Anita Baker

An arrest warrant was issued for singer Anita Baker after no-showing a number of court dates.

Courtland Rogers

21. Courtland Rogers

Jenelle Evans' estranged husband Courtland Rogers gets arrested like all the time.

Colin Egglesfield

22. Colin Egglesfield

After being arrested for breaking s--t at an art show, The Client List star Colin Egglesfield could use a rub down from Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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Miley Cyrus took some time away from kissing fellow women - first Katy Perry and then Brooke Candy - this week to defend her controversial concert actions in an interview with Ronan Farrow.

Because she spends so much time on stage with little people and African-American backup dancers, the singer has come under fire during the opening week of her Bangerz tour.

"It's really funny how serious people take it," she told Farrow on MSNBC. "And they're like, you're racist. And I'm like, 'Really?'

"They're just like dancing, doing these cute moves and they're awesome dancers like just on their own. It's not me telling them how to be."

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Olivier Sarkozy and Mary-Kate Olsen are engaged! The former Full House child star is engaged to marry her boyfriend of nearly two years, reports confirm.

Sarkozy, 44, is the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. A banker, he first stepped out with the fashionista, 27, back in early 2012.

Since then, they've been a frequent presence at basketball games and elsewhere in New York City, where they live together in a $6.25 million townhouse.

This will be Mary-Kate Olsen's first marriage and Sarkozy's second. He and his first wife Charlotte Bernard had two kids, Julien, 12, and Margo, 10.

That's not an issue for her, though. On the contrary, in fact.

"Mary-Kate has made him a better father. She remembers all the kids' special events," a source said of Olivier's wife-to-be. "She thinks he's a great dad."

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Warning: The following video WILL make you cry.

But it will also make you laugh.

Because we were so moved by this video of dogs welcoming their military owner back after his stint in Iraq, we've gone ahead below and upped the adorable, emotional ante.

That's right, it's an entire compilation of dogs greetings their owners after a very long time apart, with all canines going totally crazy one and literally jumping out of his car in excitement.

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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has always been known as a major trend-setter, but what if she were a trendy hipster with purple hair and covered in tattoos?

The Internet, being the Internet, has provided that very visual. Enjoy!

Kate Middleton Tattoos

Maybe there's a parallel universe somewhere where Prince William is inked-up with black-rimmed glasses and gelled hair alongside his punk princess bride.

At least in the mind of Seattle-based artist Cheyenne Randall, there is.

The image of William and Kate Middleton was created for a new art project, which we can only assume (or hope) he received an A for, because wow.

He has a "slight obsession with seeing, out of pure curiosity, what some ... iconic personalities would look like, perhaps if they were in a parallel universe."

Mission accomplished, Cheyenne. Job well done.

On a related note, tabloids like to wonder what it would be like if William got Kate Middleton pregnant again out of curiosity too. Only they report it as fact.

Back to the pic, you gotta admit, she actually looks pretty good in the photoshopped image. That's Kate for you. LITERALLY impossible to make ugly.

Do you agree? What do you think of tattooed Kate?! Should Randall doctor another pic to make a tattooed Pippa Middleton and/or Prince Harry next?

Tell us your reactions in the comments, and for more images of her you wouldn't expect (but are actually real), see these Kate Middleton bikini photos:

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Looks like somebody didn't have a happy meal. 

A man from Pacoima, California is suing McDonald's for 1.5 million dollars. Why, you might ask?

The fast food giant only gave him ONE napkin. 

Shocking, right?

Ronald McDonalds

Webster Lucas, who ordered a Quarter Pounder Deluxe at the restaurant, alleges that when he asked for more napkins he was denied.

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Pssst, Bethenny Frankel: you may wanna think about investing in longer skirts.

For the second time in the past few months, the former Real Housewives of New York cast member flashed a talk show audience and gave the Internet plenty to buzz over as the result of a major wardrobe malfunction.

The first incident took place last March, as Frankel was doing push-ups on the set of Anderson.

The second one went down on Wednesday when Frankel was getting sexy dance lessons from Cheryl Burke.

As you can see, everything started out just fine...

Bethenny Frankel and Cheryl Burk

... but not look after this basic hip shake, things turn a turn for the X-rated.

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Farrah Abraham has been served ... with a cease and desist letter from Vivid Entertainment, warning her to knock off her recent antics or face consequences.

At issue is the fact that the Backdoor Teen Mom star - despite considerable talents with other orifices - is becoming best known for her mouth at this point.

  • Farrah Abraham Bends Over
  • Farrah L Letter

Farrah Abraham has been all about slamming the porn industry, despite her very willing participation in (and HUGE profits earned from) her "sex tape."

Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch offered her a million dollars to prove that she was truly drugged and raped while promoting the tape, as she alarmingly claimed.

On Couples Therapy on VH1, she made a huge issue of this, even though the claim is dubious at best, and reprehensible if she did indeed fabricate it.

Which evidence certainly suggests she did, sadly.

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Segments on Jimmy Kimmel Live often leave us teary-eyed from laughter.

But the following footage is guaranteed to give you waterworks of a different kind. It did for the host himself.

On Wednesday night, Kimmel played a tape sent to him from students at Arroyo Elementary School in Tustin, California. It urged the comedian to meet a seven-year old named Max, who has tragically been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Kimmel heeded their advice, brought Max on stage, promoted a charity in his name and then introduced Max to Iron Man.

Watch the moving piece now and see Kimmel get choked up toward the end of it:

Pretty great stuff, huh?

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