Farrah Abraham Put ON NOTICE By Steve Hirsch: Stop Lying or Else!

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Farrah Abraham has been served ... with a cease and desist letter from Vivid Entertainment, warning her to knock off her recent antics or face consequences.

At issue is the fact that the Backdoor Teen Mom star - despite considerable talents with other orifices - is becoming best known for her mouth at this point.

Farrah Abraham Bends Over
Farrah L Letter

Farrah Abraham has been all about slamming the porn industry, despite her very willing participation in (and HUGE profits earned from) her "sex tape."

Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch offered her a million dollars to prove that she was truly drugged and raped while promoting the tape, as she alarmingly claimed.

On Couples Therapy on VH1, she made a huge issue of this, even though the claim is dubious at best, and reprehensible if she did indeed fabricate it.

Which evidence certainly suggests she did, sadly.

She ducked the polygraph offer, basically proving him right. Now he's fired off a cease and desist letter, essentially prohibiting Farrah from further slander.

"Farrah thinks she can insult and defame the Vivid brand and get away with it," Steve says. "Either she stops now or we will take immediate legal action."

"Farrah will be held accountable."

Read: GIANT LAWSUIT ahead.

The exclusive letter actually uses the words ON NOTICE, promising that the company will throw the book at her if she doesn't shut her yap ASAP.

If Farrah Abraham has any brains, she'll at least refrain from openly and despicably lying about being raped for the sake of interviews or other reality shows.

Then again, whether Farrah Abraham has any brains is debatable at best. Her best defense may be that her mind is so unstable that she lies pathologically.

NSFW shots from the sex tape and its sequel, which she claims she never consented to and totally didn't plan in advance (even though she did), below ...

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