Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Online: Season 4 Episode 10

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It was a night of tattoos and awkward dinners, dog returns and cat fights.

On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Carlton admitted she can be trampy and the awkward dinner at SUR concluded.

Kyle and Joyce took a golf lesson. Brandi kept saying stupid things. And Joyce couldn't stop complaining about how she's being treated. Is it possible she had never seen an installment of the series prior to signing up?

What else went down? Who is driving us the most crazy this week?

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online now for the answer:


I really dislike Carlton and feel she is too sexually tainted. She is like a gross porno star. She has lowered the standards of this show. Even Brandi has hope of changing if she goes into a AA recovery. But Carlton? Too dark and repulsive.

@ Carole Magary

I hate brandy with a small letter because she is a small and evil being, not even human. She's truely a broke slut and a horrible mother. Her children will see these shows and that will effect them later in life. If she acts and swears like that in public(TV) I can only imagine how she is behind closed doors. I pray her x gets custody and try to give his kids a normal life. With her it's just a disaster waiting. Also beautiful Joyce is classy and shouldn't worry about what that trashy slut has to say. Nobody cares and really she makes the whole show trashy when she's around any of the other women. They need to choose better company and get rid of that ugly thing!!!!!!

@ Patricia Tillinghast

you are both wrong and the rest of the world know it to be so, it's just you stupid americans that experiences it like that. At least Brandi and Carlton isn't backstabbing or trash taking like Joyce (that stupid little shallow thing!) or Kyle that only becomes friend with rich people to help her unfaithful hubbys business, or has everyone forgotten that? xoxo from sweden

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