Watch Teen Wolf Online: Season 3 Episode 13

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The new year got off to an exciting start on MTV last night, as Teen Wolf Season 3 kicked off its back run of episodes.

With a narrowed focus that returned the main cast members to the forefront, "Anchors" was the ideal way to get back into the scary swing of things.

Forget outside forces attacking favorites such as Scott, Alison and Stiles. In this case, the actual sanity of these individuals was called into question.

Stiles had nightmares within nightmares. Alison saw some frightening stuff. And Sheriff Stilinski reopened some unsolved cases to take a look at them from a supernatural point of view.

We also met some new characters on the 2014 premiere, a couple especially intriguing ones.

Sit back and watch Teen Wolf online right now to catch up on anything you may have missed:

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