Nadya Suleman Charged with Multiple Counts of Welfare Fraud

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Nadya Suleman is facing eviction from her Orange County residence.

But the state of California may soon have a new place for the Octomom to live: prison.

Sources confirm that the mother of 14 has been charged with 14 counts of welfare fraud and faces over five years behind bars if convicted across the board.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office filed the count this afternoon, coming down on the amateur porn star for one count of aid by misrepresentation and two counts of perjury by false application for aid.

Overall, Suleman failed to report approximately $30,000 in earnings between January and June of last year.

An investigation into these welfare charges began in August and included authorities seizing payments record from Vivid, the company that produced the Octomom sex tape and, of course, paid Nadya for her naked efforts.

The District Attonry is asking the judge to set bail at $25,000.

We'll update this story as news breaks.

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin has eight children. And we feel sorry for each and every one of them.

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Who cares what she looks like, long ago she should have been FIXED...another welfare fraud case. The doctor who committed this heinous act of helping her conceive more children, should be thrown in jail too. I say, throw this piece of trash[octomom] into prison, remove her poor children from her non-care, permanently and give all these children a chance at life and all it offers. All they know is handouts, nastiness and nomad like behavior. She gets the welfare for making her own decisions, while others who have made a good life for themselves, are forced to apply for help, by some unforeseen circumstances and denied. We would rather support this type of trash, therefore letting her know, her behavior gets good rewards, FREE HELP!




Why all the hate? Nadia is like a lightning rod that attracts hatemongers. There are worse things in this world.


If you're rich, you pay accountants and lawyers to find 'legal' ways of evading millions of dollars of tax. Meanwhile let's pick on a struggling single mother with a $30,000 tax bill instead. Great system... for billionaires.


Either way the government is going to pay for her kids.I can not stand her.Why do so many not use birth control?The welfare system and all a child means to them is another check.


Either way the government is going to pay for her kids.I can not stand her.Why do so many not use birth control?The welfare system and all a child means to them is another check.


Feel sorry for those 14 children that she has. What kind of life are they living???


This is not news.. they been evicting her..they been ridiculing her.. they have always been negative towards her.. the real crooks are the people that had her thinking she was a person of interest and paid her chicken feed to do porn.. they are the ones that need to be investigating. God will take care the people who used her..

@ t.i.t.l.

maybe she would not have had to resort to porn if the welfare system would leave her alone and the housing authority would help her get her own house, it will cost more money to put the kids in foster homes if she goes to jail

@ kelly

No, she is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Fix her permanently, then she can obtain part of the solution status. Hopefully, you are fixed too, since you seem to find her nasty behavior acceptable.


That Octo-Moron is such a pathetic waste of space!!!!! For once and for all, I wish that someone would FINALLY lock her stupid and skank ass up...FOR GOOD!!!!!


She got paid $30,000 for a sex tape...more like a freak tape IMO.