Nicki Minaj: Pregnant? By Lil Wayne?!?

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It's official: we have our first ridiculous rumor of the new year.

According to ThyBlackMan(dot)com, Nicki Minaj may be pregnant. And the father may be... Lil Wayne!

There's little evidence to back up this claim: no sources on record, no photographs, no quotes of any kind in fact.

The site simply says it may be true, but the rumor mill is churning at warp speed around the Internet with this possibility.

Why might the report be accurate? Well... Lil Wayne does have four kids by four different women. And Minaj Twerked all over her rapping pal at the Billboard Music Awards.

These two also simulated sex in the "High School" music video.

So could they have done the real thing recently? Without a condom or birth control? They certainly could have, people. They certainly could have.


whaaat'''''''when is she giving birth


omg! nicki is carrying lil wayne's child lolz datz aweson


Wow congrats nicki I lv u I wish u all the best


biiish u so fast....slow down nicky,leave my lil wayne


is it aboy or girl tell me

@ money

Girl Mary Morono Made it 4-5 Months, middle name undecided.


Any questions Twitter @Pope_YMCMB


Btw I got nicki pregnant at 14 and she regrets the abortion, we met at Dolly park, Ny ! It Will always be your first Love! Pape -yours truly The King and Queen of Heart's Joe and Nicki( Rocke and Onika) Prince and princes of Italy!


Nicki was Pregnant with my Child due to certain Reasons we lost Mary Morono which we will not write about. The last Young Mula Member and the new Cash Money Records Music Artist, Producer and DJ Lil RockĀ£ (Prince of Italy-Rocke/Romeo Antonio Morono) Pope Joseph Anthony-Rocke Antonio Morono. Truth Onika and I first met at Dollypark as young people and fell in Love. We got married at The Vatican City, Italy and see dreams come true she is the Princess of Italy! She is also laying next to me in Bed Right Now! The Highschool Video if you did not get the Memo was Softcore Entertainment after she lost the child Mary, showing that her and Tunechi my big brother and old friend, Also Boss, ended their sexual activity. Also the Softcore show was just that, not Sex! The Truth from Mr. And Mrs. Morono.




Aaaaaaaahhhh!!-Sh*t Man,Ah Hope You Nicki Make the Best out of WhaT You got......I. LoVe You Nick....and I likes Ya Wayne 2oo...may this Be a dissapointment to Haters !

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