Kim Kardashian Lashes Out at "Perfect" Mother on Twitter

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Kim Kardashian has over 18.8 million Twitter followers.

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    need to say she looks really good! at last we can see Kim as she was in her great video At last she is in her great shape))) my eyes are happy!!!! but.... in any way i think she can not be good mother... sorry

    @ hadley

    What video it is simple there is nothing to compare. It is necessary to look only


    If you people don't like the Kardashians then why are you ALWAYS commenting?


    short fat and squatty, all ass and no body. I bet she hates her younger sister Kendall

    @ abigail

    Why is comparing anyone to their siblings even relevant. Kim and all of her sisters have every right to be comfortable in their own skins.


    Do you people even think before you judge someone?? You don't know what goes on behind closed doors. She may have nannies and maids but that DOES NOT mean she spends no time with her child. Hell, I wished I would have had someone to help me when my children were younger. Parents and Grandparents are always good babysitters but she doesn't have that option, they are just as famous and busy as she is. I hired babysitters (day nannies) so I could go out for a while or so I could take care of business, but that doesn't mean I am a bad parent. If she wasn't in the spotlight then this wouldn't even be an issue. Kudos Kim... Keep doing what you are doing.. God bless....


    You are all the fake ones! You, the commenters. We love Kim. We love to hate her, talk about her, and yes of course, comment our two sense about her. Sorry, but you quote unquote "haters" are the ones keeping her career going. I'm not a closet fan. I love to hate her too (while seeing what she's wearing and doing), and I'm not going to pretend otherwise. And as far as this article goes who the hell cares? You, my friend. You do.


    Oh just leave her the fuck alone... Whats it to you if 'shes a good mother' or not. If her baby is loved and supported and not abuse which she is then what does 'society' have to worry about... its not your life so dont try to live it


    Who cares. She will never be a real parent. Look at her own mother. Sickening.


    Is Kim a good mother? How in the hell would anyone be able to know that? Stupid story. With all the scrutiny that beautiful woman gets and demands, it likely isn't easy. Plus, she seems so damn shallow and her tastes in men are suspect.


    I agree that Kim is trying to climb back into the spotlight. Posting the bathing suit selfie, appearing in NYC in a dress with a see through top, and filming a video naked on a bike is not keeping a low profile.
    I sincerely wish that she would show up somewhere and NO media would show up to take any pictures! How wonderful would that be?!
    So sick of these people.


    The point is who really cares about her parenting, or any of the Kardashian family. They just take up a lot of space where other junk could be printed.

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