Julia Roberts: Pregnant at 46?

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Is Julia Roberts pregnant again? The speculation is swirling after she was spotted in Los Angeles with her stomach hanging out of a baggy sweater.

Julia was with her husband, cameraman Danny Moder, at his parents' home in L.A., when the infamous picture was snapped an the rumors began.

The couple has three children, and at age 46, one would assume she's not expecting any more, but at the same time, the picture speaks volumes.

Check out the image from this week at the end of the photo slideshow (which includes some from her past pregnancies) here and see for yourself:

She certainly wouldn't be the first star to get pregnant in their early or even mid-40s. Halle Berry, Uma Thurman, Mariah Carey and Madonna all come to mind.

Roberts also looked a lot different when seen in public earlier this fall.

Julia's rep has not commented on the topic, so until then, we ask:


Good for her if she is pregnant. At her age if she can carry and have a healthy baby good for her.. It's her body and her life. I think she will be a great mom :-)


These women will be in their late 80's when their child is only 40. They don't think about the loss for their child when they become elderly. It's a selfish decision.


no no no, at this age fat is more & more a stone in her shoe.
(with everybody)

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