Jennifer Aniston: BALD (in Fake Facebook Photo)!

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Jennifer Aniston fans everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief ... or of disappointment, depending on how you look at it. But she's not actually bald, people.

The movie star did not shave her head, despite a convincing picture floating around social media sites this week that'd lead you to believe otherwise.

Seriously. That is one strangely, hilariously believable farce:

Jennifer Aniston Bald

The photo above, which sprang from a now-deleted Facebook page, was doctored to make it look at if Jen had a close shave this holiday season.

The Facebook post also came with a story - that Aniston shaved her enviable, signature locks in solidarity with a sick family member for Christmas.

While that makes Jennifer sound like a swell woman, and it's something we can easily envision America's Sweetheart doing ... she didn't. At all.

Multiple media reports confirm that her long hair lives on.

No legitimate Jennifer Aniston pictures will show her bald. Phew, right? Also living on: Rumors that she is pregnant alone. Also not true, but just as funny.

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Jen is beautiful n=with or without hair. Look at that face!


WOW!! Look at those sexy..............ears!!! Just beautiful, gotta get myself a pair...LMAO


We hope Jennifer isnt bald cause her hair is so pretty. She is totally hilarious in Horrible Bosses and We are the Millers and we cant wait for the sequels. She looks more beautiful than ever and Justin new series Leftovers looks way good.


well since she had to chop it off yet again do to abuse and over treating not to mention constant gluing and sewing in those extensions -she has not been photographed without her head covered-like 2 months-and for someone who is constantly smearing her image everywhere-it means something is up-she might not be bald but she doesn't want to be seen-so much for her hair care line-it was all marketing BS anyway -Karma's such a bee-yotch to the fake poser bee-yotchs