Fit Mom Maria Kang: Banned From Facebook For Fat-Shaming Rant!

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Maria Kang, the controversial online force also known as "Fit Mom," was temporarily kicked off Facebook last week after a fat-shaming rant.

Kang wrote a post about positive media coverage of an online group that's encouraging plus-size women to post photos of themselves in lingerie.

The group's goal is to show what "real women" look like.

Maria Kang, who caused controversy this year by posting a photo of her toned self with her kids and the tagline "What's Your excuse?" was not impressed.

Maria wrote on Facebook that she was "starting to get annoyed" at all the attention this was getting, then criticized the high obesity rates in the U.S.

"We keep blaming the culprit (school lunches, fast food) when real change starts at home," wrote Kang, upset that she, conversely, took heat for being so fit.

Kang, who said that she aims to inspire, not shame, is nonetheless proud of how she looks and unwilling to apologize for her fitness commitment.

"People made me feel bad about a picture of me and my children," said Kang, who fears coverage of the lingerie group is "normalizing" obesity.

"When you see someone who is healthy it's almost so shocking," she laments. "We've gone to a point where we're normalizing [a health] crisis."

Kang says "we need to change this strange mentality we are breeding in the U.S." and "start celebrating people who are a result of hard work, dedication and discipline."

Maria Kang (Fit Mom) Photo

After Kang put the post on Facebook it was flagged by a reader, and the social media site removed it, calling it "hate speech," KGO-TV reports.

Soon after it banned Kang, Facebook then said the post had been taken down by mistake and reinstated Kang's access to the social media site.

According to KGO, Kang's original post was not reposted.

Kang wrote another message reiterating that she didn't want to shame overweight people but that she believes some people celebrate unhealthy habits.

"I think you should love yourself," she told ABC News.

At the same time, she says, "there's a fine line we're walking between I love myself and accept myself, and I love and accept and want to progress myself."

What do you think of Maria's stance on the issue?


Being fat is not healty ! Stop looking for excuses to justify being over weight , especially if you're morbid over weight . Eat less and so some light exercises to start

@ Ezio Auditore

We shouldn't normalize obesity. And we certainly, as a society, don't lie to fat men, and tell them they're just as attractive as their fit brothers, nor should we.


I am so agree to you Omar, FYI, she is not the only "fit mom". Most of Asian women, we do have small frame structure, and we tend to stay slim like that, believe it or not. But we don't show off.


Somebody else takes care of her children. Women who get up to feed babies every few hours and change diapers 24/7 are bone tired and too busy to take time off. Her Asian husband's mom probably does all the work. He wants her to be as skinny as the porn models he watches online.

@ Omar

Only the thing is her husband is not Asian, he's White


Fat idiot Americans! Laughing my ass off.


You are disgusting fat pigs your husbands have to visualize women like her to be able to sleep with you. Most Viagra is not sold for the men but for the women they love but are sickened by the monstrous site of. Curves are awesome built like a women awesome 5foot 4 230lbs NOT awesome real women do not let fitness freaks bother you fatty mcfatfat put the cupcake down and go for a walk. Please. For all of us

@ Seamus

Wauw, aren't you just a little ray of sunshine, or what?
First and foremost, let me state that I do not consider myself obese at 6ft, weighing about 200 lbs. I am well-proportioned, curvaceous and look stunning in pretty much everything I wear. Moreover, I have confidence. I used to be close to 300 lbs, this was down to a thyroid issue that I was treated for. I spent almost a year eating nothing but lettuce and drinking water, and STILL I gained weight.
The fact that you are ridiculing any woman who is obese as someone who is eating themselves into being fat, shows just how uneducated, pathetic and downright insulting you are. If I was married to you, I would probably be seeking comfort elsewhere, as it is men like you who CAUSE obesity in women who DO eat too much. The mental abuse given by those like you would be enough to send someone into a mental institution.

@ Saraya

200lbs? For most men (self-respecting and with sexual options) you are just a land whale. I don't judge you by your personality, that also seems to lack, but sexually I wouldn't touch you even with a stick. Fat and proud, the worst combination ever. And as always blaming men for your own shortcomings.

@ Pepe

Men who are intimidated by fuller figured women typically have a small penis, you just worry that you are not endowed enough to satisfy all those curves and reach the pleasure spot! Us fuller figured ladies know this to be true since most of us have men in our lives with enormous packages, real men who have what it takes to fulfill a curvy woman sexually. Too bad for your dwarf penis, needs a dwarf woman!


As I have said before not everyonewho is overweight eats unhealthy or over eats. Some people have health problemsor take medicines that cause weight gain.I'mso sick of this lady. Also with the prices of healthy food so.expensive lower income people can not afford it so they are left to buy cheaper unhealthy food.It is noones business what others do regardless. If it isn't you then who cares.

@ Amy

Not everyone is overweight from health problems.
I'm old enough to remember when obesity was the exception, not the norm. And I'm not THAT old.


Maria Kang is an arrogant idiot. She obviously has no insight into the diversity of the human psyche and that each individual has unique motivations. Connecting with those motivation is what will support people in adopting healther lifestyles, not a dressing down from from some self-important twit. If she really wants to help people she should go away and take a few psychology courses. Please don't shine the media light on her anymore until she can come back with real skills to help people.

@ Pepper Carter

You know psychology is pseudoscience bullshit, right?

@ Rader

you know how stupid that generalization makes you look, right?

@ Pepper Carter

she is also probably a hypocrite---no one looks like she does after being pregnant and nursing for the last 4 years constantly, without surgical help..she had a kid than a year later another kid and little over a year later another...her body did not even recover properly from the previous and she popped out two more and she ate right and exercised the excess skin off her belly. she can go suck a dick coz im not buying into her hypocritical shit... she had a surgical mummy makeover and she eats well and exercises and she is really that arrogant that she wants to skip the mummy makeover fact and try to convince me i would look like that, after 3 kids in 4 years, if only i weren't a lazy slob...that woman really puts S C into stupid cunt...

@ eve

Lol actually it's cuz she's Asian, don't be jealous :) I am also not a fan of this woman, but most Asians are known to have better bodies than other races after pregnancy and giving birth. Why? Who knows.

@ Lala

Because they have the body of 11 year old boys.


You can't win in society. You're fit and criticized, underweight and criticized, healthy and criticized, overweight and criticized. Are we seriously going to make obesity such a norm to the point where she's receiving hate for being.. fit? She is fit, has healthy looking children and is healthy. Is society really going argue against this? She shouldn't have put across the point the way she did. It might have come off as a bit offensive but she's just promoting health.

@ Angie

No one hates her for being fit, they hate her for being a smug condescending asshat. You don't motivate people with that kind of attitude, commonsense...she has none though, nice abs but totally airheaded...typical!


Idiots she's right!!!! America the beautiful is home of maple syrup burgers and freakin liposuction! I bet all the people who flagged her and talk crap just hate her because she's fit and RIGHT about the obesity problem in America. Grow brains.


I'm a fitness coach and I too believe there is a fine line here. People want to blame everyone else for their problems; ie, "My parent's were big, so I'll be big too"; "I have an office job so I sit all day"; "I can't afford to eat clean" and so on and so forth. While I HATE excuses; you can't put people down and say you are doing it to bring them up. I believe America has a REAL problem that needs to be addressed. People get all upset because New York wants to ban outrageously sized fountain pop drinks. My take on that is that while we DON'T need 66oz drinks, we need to EDUCATE people on what pop is REALLY doing to them and what else is out there for their "caffeine" needs. Another huge problem is societies, "I want it, and I want it now" mentality. People give into these weight loss pills, wraps, shakes without doing research on these products. People expect the HUGE change in the short amount of time they were promised, and when it doesn't happen, they give up and quit. People don't realize that to change your body and your eating habits, it takes TIME. It takes COMMITMENT. Of course, it is not only America that has this problem; but for sake of argument it is easier to just include Americans.

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