Maria Kang on "Fit Mom" Photo: I Aim to Inspire!

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"Fit Mom" Maria Kang is speaking out in defense of her "What's Your Excuse" photo that caused such a stir online, claiming she was just trying to inspire.

The 32-year-old mother of three revealed that she never intended to bully or shame others with her fitness photo shoot, but rather share a love of exercise.

Yet after posting this photo to her Facebook page, Maria became the target of online critics who called her a “bully” who was calling out other women:

Maria Kang was shocked when her Facebook page blew up with commenters calling her “selfish," a “fat shamer” and worse after the ad went viral.

“I did not know I was going to ruffle this many feathers,” Maria said. “I knew that not everyone was going to like the photo but I wanted to inspire others.”

“Obviously these three little boys are symbols of time. I’m able to keep them a priority. Of course it’s not always my first priority but it’s one of my priorities."

"Whether I work out at 5 a.m. or 5 p.m. or 10 p.m.," the fitness enthusiast says, "it’s always some part of my daily goal to take part of my health.”

Thousands of women did speak out to support Maria (and praise her physique), while taking inspiration from Kang, despite the vocal opposition.

Maria Kang (Fit Mom) Photo

After issuing a non-apology, her second explanation is a bit less defensive, albeit just as adamant that she meant no harm and was being positive.

Maria explained that continues to share her photo and story online because she wants to help other moms who struggle to find the time or energy.

She also says she's been doing this long before the infamous photo.

“I have always been open, I’ve had a blog since 2007,” she said.

“I’m vulnerable and very transparent I don’t feel like I want to hide anything, to me it’s important to be real with yourself, and be real with others."

That's "because maybe," she said, "you are inspiring others.”

What do you think of the photo? Is she shaming anyone?


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Good genes matters most. Women can have babies and their body will bounce back very quickly, some have a spare tire, stretch marks and sagging. It isn't far-fetched to look this good after having a baby (or more). She looks great.

@ Elaine

Not triplets. You need a tummy tuck to cut out marks and loose. Nothing wrong with that but she needs to be honest


My excuse? I'm not Asian.


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Good talk today enjoyed it- As always

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Great talk. Hope to do it again.


Please listen! She admitted on Facebook to breast implants, having been a bodybuilder, posing in such a way that her pregnancy tummy is tucked in, and photoshop. She has a profile on the Bodybuilders site, showing her rock hard globes boob job. This photo should have a disclaimer warning about its fakery. Not a taunt: "What's your excuse?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Maria Kang's Facebook: March 11, 2013 "After winning the national Filipina title to represent the U.S. in an international competition in Manila, Philippines, I made a swift decision to receive a breast augmentation. At the time, I felt incredible pressure from my pageant coaches, family members and the overall industry to alter my physique. I was very lean and lost much of my breast tissue in the weight loss process. I knew the moment I got off the plane pageant officials would take my measurements and know that at 30-24-33 I was not bringing to stage, a very competitive physique. Up to that point, I had won or placed every pageant I competed in. I enjoyed the preparation and focus required to perform talent, speak with conviction, walk with grace and present the best overall package. I was a competitor, after all, and I would do nearly anything to win. I regret not thinking about the long-term impact of my decision more fully before the operation. Unlike most women who receive 300-500cc of saline to enhance their breasts up to a C or D cup, I opted for a more humble 225cc, which gave me a proportionate B cup. The day after my surgery, I felt incredible pressure on my heart and was rushed into emergency surgery for a hematoma in my left chest area. Just a few days later, I vividly remember having to attend a compulsory event as a title holder for Miss San Francisco Chinatown and wearing a hidden drain to my chest. I still have faint scars. I still have lack of sensation and I do believe it limited my ability to nurse efficiently."


She doesn't have a disclaimer on the photo that she got breast implants, was a bodybuilder, posed in such a way that her pregnancy tummy was tucked in, and that she was photoshopped. What's her excuse?


There is a research article titled: “Asian women have greater abdominal and visceral adiposity than Caucasian women with similar body mass index”. It is published in the Nutrition and Diabetes Journal. You can find it on the National Institutes of Health, National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine site. The article contains gems that helped me to figure out that Maria Kang was a fraud. “Our findings build on limited past evidence, suggesting that Asian women carry greater abdominal and visceral fat when compared with Caucasian women with similar overall adiposity. This may contribute to their elevated metabolic risk for obesity-related diseases.” “Compared with White women, Japanese American women tended to have a shorter standing height, lower leg-to-height ratio, lower hip circumference and a smaller chest depth.” “In a small study, greater VAT in proportion to total adiposity was detected among young women (but not men) of mixed Asian ancestry (n=18), compared with Whites (n=36). In another study, greater VAT was observed in Filipinas compared with their Caucasian or African-American counterparts of similar or higher BMI. Greater visceral adiposity was also reported among the Canadians of Chinese descent, compared with Caucasians.” “Our findings confirm previous studies that reported a high prevalence of central obesity among Asian ethnic groups. In addition, our results are consistent with limited past data that suggested a greater visceral fat deposition in young Asian-American women and in older Filipinas compared with Caucasians.” When I saw the photoshopped photo, I thought: “An Asian woman with boobs like that with a tummy like that? It does not happen.” So I went to her site and her Facebook. After investigating for a while, I found the truth. She has breast implants, used to be a bodybuilder, and poses in such a way that her pregnancy tummy appears tucked in. I was very shocked that almost no one but me seemed to suspect that her look was fake. “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”
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@ Not Inspired By Fake

Dang- really spending a lot of time on this and trying to prove your point. Still seething with jealousy, you're still fat.

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