Dylan Sprouse Naked Photo Scandal Reloaded: New Nude Pic Surfaces!

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Thought you'd heard and seen the last of Dylan Sprouse nude? Think again. A new and even more revealing photo of the actor has hit the web. Hard.

As Twitter users took in the latest picture, no one was too surprised, but some pleaded for an end to the torture and others expressed desire for more.

He is proud of his body, after all, as he said. Spreading the wealth?

Sprouse Shot

The slew of photos of Dylan Sprouse nude leaked a week ago, but they didn't show much, and his classy, classic response to the scandal won raves.

This latest naked selfie though? More revealing. NC-17. Harder core.

Let's just say it appears to have been taken at the same time as the previous shots, but this time, he's not holding his package. It's just hanging out.

Dylan has yet to react to his latest, extremely revealing, photo, but considering how he owned and reacted to the past ones, don't look for an apology.

In fact, maybe he'll crack more hilarious jokes at his own expense?

Whoever is selling out Dylan Sprouse naked, you've made your point. Worst ex ever. So you guys broke up. Why humiliate him like this so publicly? Weak.

At this point, unless it's an elaborate, staged publicity stunt, we're starting to feel bad for the guy and hoping that this is the last naked pic of him we'll see.

Somehow, we doubt that's going to be the case ... but here's hoping.

As for the latest pic, we've censored it, but this will give you an idea:

Follow the link to see the latest pic of Dylan Sprouse nude (NSFW).


Poor thing. That's why you should send nude selfies or even just have them in your phone. The majority of the population has nude selfies in their phones and loves leaving them unlocked. But, he will be okay, He's not the first person the world has seen naked. At least it wasn't a video. Let's hope there isn't one.

@ Carmen+

Let's hope there is a video


There fake the new one you can tell its photoshop


guys he really does not deserve this a BREAK UP? I've been throw more guys ten the rainbow has coulers he dose not deseve this!


c'mon folks..............TAKE HIM ANAL WITH A FLAGPOLE.
he asked for it!!

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