Suge Knight Pulled Over By Cops, Weapons Drawn

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Suge Knight had another encounter with the police Friday afternoon, which is only slightly less surprising celebrity news than DMX getting arrested.

Only Suge was innocent somehow! Like completely!

The former hip hop mogul was mistakenly pulled over by Los Angeles cops, who even pulled their guns on him, thinking he was an assault suspect.

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Police had received report of an assault that took place Friday afternoon, then shortly thereafter, stopped Knight while he was driving in his vehicle.

The description of the assault suspect allegedly matched the music producer's appearance, but they soon realized it was a case of mistaken identity.

Not before weapons were drawn and Marion "Suge" (for Sugar Bear) Knight agreed to go to the police station to explain his innocence, however.

He was subsequently released, but he is pissed.

Sources told TMZ that the police think the entire report may have been a hoax, while for his part, Knight is considering filing a lawsuit against the L.A.P.D.

No offense to Suge, and not saying pulling over the wrong guy is okay or anything, but considering his track record, can you really blame the cops?


U must be a white cops . That sounds about right


Suge Knight should sue, then maybe it will stop others from being abused or shot by an out of line LAPD. Actually knowing the name of the head of their internal affairs of the Police where you live is a good idea, to throw at any cops corrupt or profiling

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Call me "Dolly Levi". We should match up Suge and Sharkesia!! Love connection y'all!

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