Kylie Jenner Flashes Cleavage, Remains 16 Years Old

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Kendall Jenner now 18 years old and legally free to pose as provocatively as she desires.

So, naturally, Kylie Jenner has stepped in to the controversial role of Reality Star Sister Who Dresses Far Too Seductively For Her Age on Instagram.

The 16-year-old recently posted a revealing shot to her photo sharing service.

As you can see, Kylie is exposing some serious cleavage to the world and trying to ensure that she never again has to ask folks if they know who she is.

Check it out, now fellas, but try to keep eye contact with Kylie.

She's only 16, remember. Just sayin' ...

Kylie Jenner Cleavage Photo

Weigh in, THGers, with your take:

This picture of Kylie Jenner is...


FYI... Most countries in the world have ages of consent of 16 or lower. Even in the US, 16 is the age of consent in 31 of the 50 states..


Once again this boils down to horrible parenting. The Kardashian family is a complete joke and have only gained their fame by pulling crap like this. Kris Jenner should work harder as a mother, install proper values and morals in her children and make her children realize that there are children out there who probably idolize the kardashians. Why I don't know but there are girls out there who do. 16 year olds should never dress this provacative, nothing good comes from revealing too much of your body.


I think this is very sad that she feels the need to do such s photo at such an early a kid.....your only a kid for a very short time!!! wish she could embrace her childhood


so the american government please paedophiles by this?

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