Eloise Mumford Cast as Kate Kavanagh in Fifty Shades of Grey: Good Choice?

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Eloise Mumford will Anastasia Steele’s roommate in Fifty Shades of Grey, scoring one of the final big roles to cast before the film goes into production.

The casting of Kate Kavanagh had been a high priority for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie brain trust after Charlie Hunnam was cast as Christian Grey.

Now we have her, despite much bigger names being rumored for the part (which was also true regarding every other part in the upcoming film).

Universal was looking at actresses for the role and testing girls with Dakota Johnson, but Hunnam’s exit moved producers' focus back to Christian.

Jamie Dornan ultimately replaced Hunnam as the male lead and Jennifer Ehle and Luke Grimes joined the cast, with Sam Taylor-Johnson directing.

Kate Kavanagh is lead character Ana Steele’s best friend and her polar opposite. She is also said to be drop-dead gorgeous, leaving men panting.

She and Elliott Grey (Grimes) also begin a romantic relationship.

Prior to getting her start in film and TV, Mumford, 27, served as understudy to Elisabeth Moss in the David Mamet Broadway play Speed-the-Plow.

She is best known for her work on The River and Lone Star, plus ABC's pilot Reckless. What do you think of Eloise Mumford as Kate Kavanagh?


They are all great choices & everyone just needs to give them a chance,


I always imagined Kate looking like Blake Lively, but I think Eloise is a good choice!


she is great :D i was expecting a smart looking blonde, she is indeed a valedectorian. not a whore. this Kate is an angel! just like dakota


Wtf is going on here? This girl has a sweet face and looks young enough to pull off a college student, she may not have big blue eyes but she's closer to Anastasia than Dakota Johnson is. They should switch roles. Johnson looks more experienced and old and needs all that makeup Kate wears anyway.

@ A

Kate had green eyes, Ana has the blue eyes


I like her, she is very pretty, has a young, innocent looking face, looks more like ana that Dakota who looks super old and trashy...


You should really check your posts before editing. The first line should read "Eloise Mumford will PLAY Anastasia Steele’s roommate."


Again not like the books. Yes she's blonde (needs to be strawberry blonde for the film) and has green eyes and is somewhat curvy, but Kate is very "bombshell" and makes men "tongue tied". Eloise is a pretty girl but she's just like another blonde to me. Besides Jennifer Ehle, she is the most like her character physically though, despite also being 27 and not quite looking 22. But then again no one cast, besides Jennifer, looks the age of their character. It baffles me how screwy this cast has become. They couldn't get Ana, or Christian, or Elliot or Jose right but they do a decent job on Kate and Ana's mom? Ridiculous.


how dishonest you like to have it?

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