Pamela Anderson Haircut: Short and Stylish!

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For the first time in 21 years, Pamela Anderson has short hair. Very short hair.

This isn't just some haircut, but a super short pixie cut, a la Jennifer Hudson's.

It looks amazing on the 46-year-old, too. Both stylish and chic. Take a look!

Anderson has had the same long, platinum locks since 1992, so it came as a surprise. Then again, so did the revelation that she's dating her ex, Rick Salomon.

Whatever works. We don't know what she has going on with Rick, but we do know she looked great with her new 'do, striped dress, white sweater and flats.

Besides Hudson, Beyonce also tried out the pixie cut this year, shutting down Twitter and causing borderline uproar before adding extensions back on.

Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway and Victoria Beckham have stuck with it.

Do you like the look on Pam? Or any of the aforementioned celbs?


Pam looks, sexy but in a confident way. Also the short hair is stunning, sophisticated, beautiful, strong and soft depending on how she chooses to style it. Awesome move, Pam.


Short hair can be very exciting on a woman depends on how you style it Brandy!


Short hair can be very exciting on a woman depends on how you style it Brandy!


WOW what a super sexy look I love her even more now !!!!


lana im ally what's rong with u life ur life


oh cool twin's awsome great


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I hope she happy.
Its her looks.
Now she looks like just any short haired woman. Plain.

@ Brandy4-2

Bet she would be so glad she ain't on your list anymore as that is so weird, how old are you 12? you sound to me like you need to grow up and get some balls! Love hair!


I have a feeling this short hair trend is because these women are tired of hair extensions. Their hair has become so damaged by them, they need a break to let their hair *heal* or become healthy again. Pam never admitted to having extensions, but she most definitely had them. I'm sure Britney Spears shaving her hair years ago was partly due to frustration with the damn things.Do I think she looks good or better this way? Not even close. Marilyn Monroe had short(ish) hair but never a bloody pixie cut. Hair like this just isn't sexy.

@ SanFranny

Not at all fool great haircut

@ Ed

I agree with sam all the way. It aged her a lot, as if she's dying. Very sad hope she's healthy

@ lynn

Omg get a life hair is dead anyway!


Pamela, Pamela, Pamela.....You look Marvelous!

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