Lady Gaga Bares Ass For New Single, Tries to Trump Kim Kardashian

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Lady Gaga's new cover art for her single with R. Kelly, "Do What U Want," is something else. Mother Monster has got BACK and is not afraid to flaunt it.

With music stars like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and even Ke$ha raising the naked bar of late, you knew Gaga had to up the ante. And she has. BIG time.

If thongs are bad, we don't wanna be right. Or something.

Lady Gaga Thong

While it will certainly grab attention (and make people want to grab that), it's disappointing in a way, considering the source and its lack of creativity.

If Lady Gaga instructs you to LOOK AT MY ASS, you're obviously gonna do it. Those are some bootylicious curves, and there's a lot of enjoyment in that.

But we just expect this sort of thing from the likes of Kim Kardashian, not a supposedly edgy and unquestionably talented artist. Just saying.

"Do What U Want," Gaga, but step it up, okay?

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Why do these people think we want to see their asses????? Get some class and put some clothes on. smfh

@ Kellie

They do so because sexism has
infiltrated every pore of media.
Lady Gaga was socializing in
a similar 'string' at the VMA's.
We need more Carly Raes'.
The guys should even this
trend out.


Welcome to the slut train. Was hoping for something a little more classy from Gaga this time around. Guess everyone thinks they have to compete with Miley. Mores the pity. Not seeing much art here. Big disappointment.


Gross! Where are the people that were telling the *STARS* to not show TOO MUCH skin? Now, we are heading into the *XXX rated PORNO* stuff. Some things are okay, but this is OUTTA the question. I thought she was more PROUD of herself.


Sigh....photoshopped too...probably butt implants. She's got attention seeking behaviors out of this world.


It seems every media moron is trying to outdo each with the nudie pics. The Beatles, Bruce S., Nirvana, the Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan, thank God they didn't have to do this crap!


she will "step it up".. duh.


Notice how gag-Gag's face isn't in the picture... Yuck! She is ugly- no wonder she tries to distract u from her face (w her stupid outfits)!! Ugly girl can sing.


im so tired of this talentless hack. Teaming up with R. Kelly is like the Shamwow guy teaming up with Farrah Abraham..a shit show. Stephanie is stupid. her music is stupid. people who buy it have extra chromosomes. go away already.

@ duh

OMG LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm dying here LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO damn that was good. But wait, who is Stephanie?

@ duh

Haha- nice analogy!! Anything to make a buck- and there are actually people who are stupid enough to spend their money on this crap (that's what gets me).

@ duh

That was beautiful!


damn........WHAT AN ASS, folks!!

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