Kris Jenner-Bruce Jenner Separation: Real or a Ratings Ploy?

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Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner announced their separation yesterday.

But there will be no divorce, both sides have made clear. The couple will remain legally married and also remain close to their children.

So, many are now wondering, what was the point of the announcement? It's been no secret that Bruce and Kris have been mostly living apart for months now. Why go public and make some big deal of it?

Unless there's a publicity-based reason for the confirmation.

Insiders tell TMZ that Bruce filmed scenes for Keeping Up with the Kardashians yesterday, not long after the separation statement went out.

These same sources also say Season 9 is still very much a go and that the state of Bruce and Kris' relationship will be used as a major storyline.

When asked for his reaction to the split yesterday, Bruce cursed off a cameraman, meaning he won't exactly be going on record with his side any time soon.

This gives us no choice but to question and speculate: Could this be nothing more than a ratings ploy by the family?

Are you surprised by the Jenner marriage falling apart?


How sad it is that this most annoying family,still cannot grasp that it is time to go....They are so desperate,no matter what stunt they try I will never watch the trash this family spew's!! It's time the media stop on low class trash.

@ Snickers

It is time, but in order to satisfy the audience the ending must be realistic. People aren't staying with it to see if Kim gets married or if Bruce moves on. People want to see them crash & burn. That's the only reality to this unrealistic show. Kind of like the series Weeds- if you never seen it- it has a great plot- A woman sells pot, has illegitimate child, uses everyone she comes in contact, screws any male and at the end- Everyone turns their back on her. They will end up embarrassed and hated throughout- that will be the only reality to this show.


Publicity stunt. Please take this show off the air for good it is time for a serious WRAP to non existence. America is no longer interested in this family whatsoever with all of their LIES,BRIBES,and FRAUDELENT LIVES. Now I guess Khloe and Lamar, will get back together now which is yet another big fat LIE. Disgusting people a family who has earned over billions from fans who live by lies,deceit,adultery,bribery,and fraudulent way. sad Good bye.

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