Julie Sondra Decker Discusses Being Asexual, Is Told She "Needs A Good Raping"

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Julie Sondra Decker, a 35 year old woman from Tampa, Florida, calls herself asexual. People tell her she just "needs a good raping" in order to find her missing libido.


Yeah. That's what we said, too.

Julie Sondra Decker Asexual

Miss Decker, who lives alone in her two-bedroom apartment, has no interest in dating, sex, or finding another asexual with whom to share her life.

Over the years she's had more offers of sex than she "wants to count" but feels that "without the feelings that usually go with that sort of thing, it's kind of gross."

Decker has known she was asexual since she was 15 years old. Her parents and family believed her to be a closeted lesbian and even went so far as to take her to doctors when she didn't show "normal" interest in either the same or opposite sex. 

Once given the all-clear from physicians, she went on to attend the University of Florida where she graduated in 2000 with degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology. 

Despite the fact that she lives an openly asexual life, friends, particularly male friends, still try to "fix" her by kissing her against her will and insisting that one day she will "wake up." Since opening up online about her asexual life, she's received death threats and multiple comments that what she really needs is a "good raping."

Miss Decker hopes to raise awareness about asexuality by being openly writing and speaking about her life. "I'm not damaged, lonely, or in need of conversion because I'm not interested [in sex]."

"As far as I can tell, I'll be happy being single my whole life," says Decker.

Who can argue with that?

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God that's messed up...Why are some guys so threatened when someone isn't interested in them or in having a relationship?!?!? Lesbians get the "corrective rape" comments too...ANY guy that says that should have their dick cut off disgusting pigs!~


Goof for her for not conforming to society just to fit in. There is nothing wrong with her. If she isn't interested then she isn't interested, and there is nothing wrong with that. It's amazing how people have such a problem with the personal life of a person they don't even know. Get over it. If she is happy, then there is nothing wrong with her.

@ Stella



Why do people find it so wrong for her to be asexual? If she is happy then let her be happy the way she is. The only reason anyone would say such things is because they simply do not have the capacity to understand it. Good on her for 'coming out'.


she needs me...............(no doubt).


Let's hope the little weirdo stays single. Otherwise send her to India where they can do a few things as requested . Freak

@ Harry

Why the hell is it so wrong for someone not to be interested in sex or relationships in general?

@ Harry

This is a terrible thing to say.

@ Harry

What's wrong with you, are you one of the people she tired down. You are doing to much for a stranger.