Farrah Abraham Posts Video With Daughter, Pretends to Be Normal Parent

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Days after saying her daughter should get a life, Farrah Abraham and little Sophia were able find time in their busy, separate schedules to hang out.

They went grocery shopping together. How sweet. At least Farrah is kind enough to feed her four-year-old before she does her own thing again.

Even though they can't get together that often these days, 'cause they do their own thing and all, these two totes have a good time together! Aww!

We kid. This is not an aww-inspiring moment. It's sad, really, that Farrah Abraham thinks we're so stupid or that this makes up for absentee parenting.

No cute Keek videos from the local grocery store can erase the fact that she'd rather be elsewhere, and likely will be as soon as humanly possible.

This is a girl who promotes strip clubs, makes sex toys, trolls sugar daddy sites, shoots the occasional porn and posts reviews of Apple's new iOS.

Yes, the last part is true. Take a look below ...

Long story short? Farrah Abraham is not smart. At all.

She should be banned from all social media immediately if not sooner and forced to attend some kind of parenting seminar. But Sophia is a cute kid.

And if nothing else, she's ahead of Jenelle Evans in that she hasn't lost custody of her offspring. Say what she want, she's still competent. Legally.


I feel absolutely sorry for her daughter, having this kind of person as your mother.


this girl is delusional and needs a smack against the head. both her and her sister are spoilt brats with no regard for anybody but themselves. Stupid fake boobed bitch!


Trying to do damage control, like everyone is stupid enough not to see what she is doing. However, really, that is quality time you are spending with your child? At the grocery store? Wonder what the other shoppers thought? I won't watch the video. Now if she had a video of them in the park, a playground, zoo, that would be quality time. Poor Sophia. And what is up with the PR firm? Claimed they were stealing from her?.. Did not realize the percentage she had to give up and already spent it?


Long sorry short? Farrah Abraham is not smart. At all.
Lmao ain't that the truth


She got fired by another PR firm. LOL. She destroys every relationship she has because of her dilusions of grandeur. That $10k she made for taking it up the butt is long gone and I am sure she is spending little Sophia's social security on plastic surgery.


Omg! Such a phony! She also tweeted that her & Sophia have SO MUCH going on right now!" & that there was "no place like home.." All a reaction to the negative publicity she got over her interview. She really does thinks she's smarter than everyone else. If she was so anxious to get home last week, then why did she go to Dallas for the "Big Tips Texas" party?? No reason for her to be there. Believe me, that restaurant "Redneck Heaven" is a joke here in Texas. They are notorious for their fugly waitresses. I don't know where they got the girls who are on the show,but they are NOT typical waitresses for that place. Farrah would NEVER go to that restaurant if she weren't once again looking for attention. I'm sure she's trying to horn in on the filming by buddying up with her "Texas ladies." Farrah, you're an idiot....you don't fool anybody.


she's just doing it for show. if she REALLY cared about her daughter, she would be spending time with her WITHOUT recording it to flaunt on social media.

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