Deadmau5 Slams Justin Bieber: Grow the F--k Up Already!

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Justin Bieber was involved in some kind of night club altercation late last week.

Initially, reports claimed the singer actually attacked a DJ in South Korea because he wasn't a fan of the music that man was spinning, but now it appears as if only heated words were exchanged between the pair.

Soon after hearing that something went down, though, Deadmau5 took to Twitter and made his take on the young artist very clear.

“Dear @justinbieber, would you please grow the f*ck up already? In the meantime, put a shirt on, and stay away from nightclubs,” Deadmau5 wrote.

The DJ, who also hails from Canada, apologized on behalf of everyone from that nation and added that someone "needs to shut [Bieber] down."

“I’m sorry, but if you got up in my face while I was performing, and demanded me to play some bullsh*t, I’d probably punch you in the neck,” added Deadmau5.

Bieber Crotch Grab
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As you might expect, a few fans of Bieber - who released a new single, "All That Matters," yesterday - weren't pleased with Deadmau5's take... but that only fueled his rage.

“F*ck all these f*ckin popstar tw*ts,' he wrote. "Remember back in the day when my timeline wasn’t filled with prepubescent c*nt rage?"

He then concluded by sarcastically addressing critics who accused him of being jealous of Justin Bieber.

"Ok kids. You got me. I’m just jealous that I will never be able to hire writers and producers to make me a chart topper. That’s about it.”

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We would like to apologize on
behalf of Canada for the recent
obscene berating of one our
young stars,Justin Bieber,by a
person calling himself an artist
and a professional disc jockey.
Mr.DeadMouse is not an ambassador for Canada & is
not qualified to speak for our
nation.Canada is proud of our
many great talents;Shania,Avril,
Michael J.Fox,Martin Short,
Drake & Justin, to name a few.
We are truly offended at the temerity of this Mr.D.M. to apologize for a country in
which he not considered a
national treasure.


Lol uh like it or not justin deserved the "grow up already" hehe.. Though he can be immature attimes, he really is tryin. So cut him some slack.. Belieber all the way


Deadmau5 looks like a drug i've heard few of his tracks not that great though.Instead of bullying a teenager on social media ,he should concentrate more on getting to where the teenager whom he just Dissed is at the moment..that is ABOVE him!!..Justin is 19 he will eventually grow up,none of your concern sucker!

@ _yapi

Yapi, I am just wondering why
you told me to STFU after my response to Denise? You & I are both of the same opinion on the
Justin/Deadmau5 article.This sorry lookin dude will never be even close to Justin's level of
popularity .Putting that aside he
not only is a bully but his comments about Justin's young
female fans show exactly what a
Dirtbag he truly is.To use that
specific C word to describe the enthusiasm of young girls shows
a lack of respect for all women.
Deadmau5, you are a creepy little
pervert & a bona fide mysoginist
who deserves none of this attention.

@ lola+d.

lola -sp? MisoGYNist


Deadmau5 is 32 years old!!..Damn he is old..i mean like i prefer Hardwell any day and he is 21 years old and he is way polite and nice and i am a Belieber..


Trust me deadMAu


the only reason Justin (Beaver) is famous is because of Usher because,Scooter Braun, a hip-hop manager introduced Justin to Usher shortly after finding him, and they signed a three-way publishing venture at Raymond Braun Media Group and a recording contract with Island Records.

@ Tatum

I really dont get what do people have to do with Justin,not like he is using ur money nor is he related to you..Why don't all of you all just shut the fuck up and continue living ur life which must be pretty miserable cos if you hate justin so much why take the time to read a post on him and also waste time commenting....

@ Tatum

That's what they call
'Being Discovered.'
P.S- Justin's last name is
Bieber NOT Beaver

@ lola+d.

Using parenthesis is correct grammar wise. It means the item can be dropped from the reading of the existing text. In other words Tatum is mocking this performer. Do get it straight.

@ robertL

You have no idea if he is mocking
Justin or not so Take Off,Bobbi.


Tupac, Kool Moe Dee, N.W.A., Justin Beiber, Grandmaster Flash, Run Dmc......hey wait, something aint right there.....hmmmmm???


Justin is just a little punk that thinks his shit doesn't stink...well guess DOES!!!

@ Denise

Well guess what,Denise, you are
just an ignoramus who feels
like a bigger Girl for insulting
Justin & all the Harmful,Sinful
Acts that he maybe did.When
was the last time you donated
any time or money to aid poor
families or sat with a dying child
in a hospital? Funny how these
gossip sites forget to mention
all the generous acts that Justin
does on his own time.This Deadmau5 fool with his Stupid
name, his less than average looks
& his extremely uncreative Muzak
is not jealous of Justin? What a
creep.All of you little Shits stink.

@ lola+d.

Guess what??.. Justins not poopin in ur toilet so just shut the fuck up...

@ _yapi

yapi did not make this comment
I had my suspicions then.
I know who wrote this now.
You Freak.

@ lola+d.

Haha, when was the last time you did anything good for anyone, like maybe give a poor man a hot meal when no one is looking to praise you for it? Talking for him makes you look like one of the little teenies filled with that prepubescent cunt rage Deadau5 is talking about. Your insults towards Deadmau5 also make you look like an uncreative pretentious bitch that spits on anyone who doesn't have "belieber" tattooed on their freaking forehead. If we little shits stink, you're revolting.

@ Passerby

Oh, sorry P. I just read my comments & they were alot more animated than I thought.I've had the same experience as Justin with a couple D.Jays who only want to play what they like & I also had words with them.They
are supposed to keep the customers happy.I still think that
you and Deadmau5 are evil.

@ Passerby

Your comments were very predictable & immature,exactly
what I would expect from a Bieber
basher.Your vulgar language is also telling of your lack of class.
You Epitomize the immaturity & the insecurity of these bullies by
your delusions of grandeur, your amazing psychic abilities that allow you to visualize another person's thoughts,personality & lifestyle.
Really,dude? You didn't even come close in this analysis of me.It is a very disturbed mind that equates my defense of a young star by listing his positive behaviours with my being 'pretentious' or an ''outraged' teeny bopper.I am simply weary
of You & your know-it -all little
friends lashing out at Justin with the same repetitious taunts that
belie your insecurities.
So you need to practise some
self-introspection to find out why
a comment which simply addressed the mature & generous
nature of Justin Bieber ,would so infuriate you.


Justin Justin Bieberis nothing more then A little spoiled creep what people to protect him I'm getting his ass kicked a regular basis can't wait tell that little fart down the tubes I also believe he's gay


Agree COMPLETELY!!!!!! Bieber is a wanna be Punk who is NOT succeeding. He is Pathetic and DOES need to Grow The F*** up!!!

@ Lynn

ahahaha lol Not succeeding, he has five platinum albums and like a billion fans, none of these articles talk about everything that he does in his own time, for example, he goes to childrens hospitals and donates money to families starving in other countries, I'm not gonna start slagging off Deadmau5 for what he has said cos thats his opinion but still you should think before you start making up bullshit.

@ Charliiey_Ann

So well said,my friend.The problem is that these poor souls seem to have a problem with that whole 'thinking' process.

@ Lynn

Not succeeding? Really?

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