Teen Mom 3 Recap: Matt McCann Blows Up at Alex Sekella, Wins Bad Dad of the Week

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The men of Teen Mom 3 are not impressing us so far.

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    Matt definitely needs to get his ish together, but I can't help but roll my eyes every time Alex speaks. She gets points for good intentions, she wants to protect her child and give her the best life possible, and she's working her heart out to make it happen, but her communication skills are atrocious. All you hear is "you're doing this wrong," "you're a bad person," "you don't know anything," "this is your fault," etc. Every remark is accusatory, every good intention is met with a brick wall of pessimism. You want someone to improve? Then perhaps you shouldn't cut them down and remind them of every crappy thing they've ever done whenever they try to make some leeway. He's not going to become dad of the year over night, and entering every conversation with the preconception that he's going to fail is only going to fuel the aggressive atmosphere. If the cinders are still smoldering, don't walk in with a can of gasoline. They both have good intentions in their hearts, and they both have issues to work on. The biggest of all is communication.

    In the most recent episode, Matt reaches out to apologize and wants to sit down to chat about how they can have a more peaceful arrangement. He walks up happy, smiling, with a positive tone to his voice, but from the very first moment Alex has a tone and posture of irritation. It's understandable for her to feel that way, but this just makes for a hostile environment to begin with. He says nothing to put her down in the entire conversation, uses balanced I and We language, and tries to hold his temper while she cuts him down. She starts out as if she's trying to speak fairly, but jumps into accusations, using a lot of You language. She then says, "You're a liar. I know who you are. I know what you are." If she could step outside of the situation and see the discussion from an objective perspective, I pray that she at least recognizes where she goes wrong.

    @ Sarah

    Sarah I couldnt agree more.
    She also needs to at least give Matt the chance to prove himself. I couldnt believe it when, two weeks after getting out of REHAB for HEROIN ADDICTION shes in his face "get a job! get a job!" what is this chick on?? Its hard enough to get a job in two weeks, let alone when you're a recovering substance abuse user!
    The whole way she has gone about it, is terrible. Granted, he's not painting himself in the best light, but she needs to try and help him, not constantly belittle him. I actually feel bad for him. On the 16&P show, he had a more logical argument for giving the baby up for adoption, truth be told i think Alex had made her mind up from the get-go.
    Cannot stand Alex.

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