Selena Gomez Posts Sexy Instagram Photo From Paris, Drinks Wine

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Selena Gomez looks sexier than ever in her latest Instagram snapshot from Paris, sitting on a windowsill in a white gown and showing some cleavage.

Check out the image and her sultry, "Come & Get It" look ...

Selena Gomez Cleavage Photo

Selena's also drinking a glass of white wine - she's 21, and the drinking age in France is 18 anyway, so no thing there - as she sizzles in this artsy shot.

Just before this, she posted another pic of herself walking up the stairs to the Crazy Horse nightclub in what was surely a fun- and dance-filled night.

Gomez captioned one pic, "Je t'aime" and another simply "Paris."

If she's at all worried about Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, she's not showing it. If anything, she's having the time of her life and showing him what he's missing.


I love selena


I like you and nice


I have a question: Can one be TOO-HOT?! For if so---Selena Gomez has achieved it...right here...#2MuchClassy&Sexy4oneGirl...(Just sayin')
I couldn't care-less what the haters think or say...
All I see is: Saucy,Sexy,Sensuous & Seriously-Seductive...
I hope I do not offend Sel' when I say that---when she does this long-flowing-hair down one side of her face,and the lilting beautiful eye thing---I seriously wanna 'Come-&-Get-It'...LOL!
Selena: If 'Sexy-with-Class' were a combo' in the dictionary---THIS picture would be there. With nothing further needed,ya' feel-me,Chica?! LOL!


america, The Country Of The Naïves?

@ abe

I don"t have any comment !!!!'




I wonder of this is the look of Post Coital bliss?


Next post will be her going to the bathroom. Attention must be paid.

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