Matt Cordle, 22-Year Old Ohio Resident, Makes Video Confession: I Killed a Man

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In a dramatic new video, Matt Cordle gets right to the point:

He killed a man in a drunk-driving accident this June.

The 22-year old says those exact words in a video he posted September 3, saying he "takes full responsibility" for the actions that took 61-year old Vincent Canzani's life a few months ago.

Already a suspect for the incident - which took place on June 22 and which Cordle admits took place after a night of heavy drinking with friends - Cordle has not yet been charged with any crime, but says he is prepared to face whatever legal consequences come his way.

"I can't bring Mr. Canzani back, and I can't erase what I've done, but you can still be saved, your victims can still be saved," Cordle says as a warning to others, adding that he will plead guilty whenever charges do get pressed against him.

Canzani was driving a Jeep around 3 a.m. on the day in question. According to The Columbus Dispatch story the day afterward, which did not name Cordle, Canzani was struck by a wrong-way driver on I-670 near Columbus and pronounced dead at the scene.

Watch the full confession now: