Pepsi Ad Appears to Support Rape, Has Serious Font Problems

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A levitating magician in a Pepsi Max ad? Confusing and misleading, but not exactly controversial.

That same qualifier can't be said for a new poster sponsored by the beverage company, however, as we're pretty sure it's in promotion of Pepsi's partnership with Japanese clothing company A Bathing Ape's line AAPE.

But we can't be totally sure because... well... just look at the font choice that was somehow settled on:

Confusing Pepsi Ad

This image first appeared on Reddit and Pepsi is yet to respond to various requests for a comment.

In the meantime, we'll at least assume the distributor is not supporting sexual assault and we'll strongly urge it to go with Times New Roman in the future.


I see two A's....don't see any 'R' in there. People need to lighten up..good grief!!! So many mountains out of mole hills.


jay-z has something to do with it?

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