Lamar Odom: Refusing Interventions, Ignoring Khloe, "Smoking Himself to Death"?

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Lamar Odom reportedly refused another intervention with friends during the downward spiral that is torpedoing his NBA career and marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

“He’s headed for destruction," says a friend who reportedly flew out to L.A. with a handful of Odom's pals from N.Y. in hopes of getting Lamar help.

“A few weeks ago his friends from the projects back in Queens flew out to L.A. and banged on Lamar’s door trying to have an intervention with him."

“They wanted to take him home to New York and get him clean but Lamar wouldn’t open the door, telling them he ‘didn’t give a f--k what the world thinks.'”

Odom added that they "'don’t know the pressure I'm under,'" but the friends finally got him to open his door, and were distressed by what they saw.

“He’s smoking crack now,” the insider revealed.

His friends "knew he liked to freebase cocaine, but they were shocked to see him with crack. They found more than 60 grams of crack in his possession."

"He had no intentions of stopping.”

This intervention was one of three held with Odom - the others by NBA teammates and Khloe Kardashian and family - in an attempt to get him clean.

No dice.

Addicted to Oxycontin and Ambien, Lamar briefly entered a rehab clinic last August under pressure from the Kardashians, but left after three weeks.

That was sadly a lot longer than he lasted this week, when Odom checked out of rehab after just one day and immediately went off the grid again.

His whereabouts are unknown, as the athlete and his camp have kept his estranged wife, and the entire Kardashian clan, in the dark about everything.

That includes Lamar's arrest for DUI last week, which Khloe found out about from TMZ like everyone else. Not a good sign for their future - or his life.

“Lamar feels invincible because he’s rich and famous, but he also seems scared that his destiny is to be a drug addict like his father,” the source said.

“He’s really struggling right now. It’s bad. We are all at a loss for words."

"His friends fear he’s suicidal and trying to smoke himself to death.”


did he wrote his will then?


LAMAR HAS TO MUCH TO LIVE FOR (his children)AND IN MY OPINION THERE IS A LOT MORE TO THIS WICKED STORY THAN BEATS THE EYE! Reading another site: khloe doesn't need to know where lamar is held up at unless she knows someone is trying to kill him on a sly. so that she can collect life insurance on him ok. hmmm think about it people why all the concern while she is out and about partying it up. khloe does not seem to be in to much distress to me she is loving all this attention it is all about her and pretending to be all concern when she isn't and could really care less. This has been the first time khloe has ever been talked about in the entire kuwtk reality episodes so of course she thinks she is taking over kim kardashians reign of the whatever ok. These stories are so far fetched and I will always keep lamar in my prayers. But I will also keep this wicked cursed family in my prayers as well because their true demons are coming out and feeding the media,tabloids and networks is really showing the world what they are about. Now as for lamar he has yet to make an announcement on his drug addiction while every site,network,media,tabloids constantly putting his business out to the world. Lamar is probably somewhere in hiding till he can get himself together and all of his attorneys for the biggest explosions of the FALL OF THE KARDASHIANS EMPIRE! Ninja mommager,kris jenner, messed with the wrong MAN and is seriously afraid of the lies are going to be exposed. I just pray that lamar doesn't come up dead because now there might be a hit on his life by the hands of the wicked cursed ninja mommager kris jenner. Kris jenner strikes me to be a revengeful woman at no cost. Not judging I have experience a lot by working for the Oakland police dept and witness what could happen to someone if someone want to disappear real fast without any notice. think about it. Kris jenner is a evil woman and I pray for lamar. Khloe wants to know lamar's every move why? it is not because she is a concerned wifey it is because lamar's holds so much information on this wicked cursed family ninja mommager kris jenner has her posse tracking him down. I just pray that no one doesn't find lamar dead on side somewhere it will be by the hands of kris jenner making it seem like lamar died from his own addiction ok (it happens all the time). It has been stated once already that this family has dealings in someone getting murder it was mentioned when this family first came on reality tv. do the research. Still praying for lamar and all involved in this wicked triangle of cursed situation.

Tonya rios
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Sorry for being super cynical. But that's what I feel right now.


Whomever is planting these so called stories from on high, Kris is going to regret and rue the day she decided to make his personal tragedies a trending topic of discussion. I don't know why, but I've got a feeling that she's behind all of this to drudge up sympathy for Khloe enough to get a more successful spinoff.

@ WTF?

Oh honey..... Kris don't regret nothin! You gotta have a soul to regret! Listen if you can make millions bullshitting an endless stream of "pop" craved people then anythings possible.

@ Sims

I'm starting to see what you mean now...

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