Lamar Odom Update: Out of Rehab, Binging on Crack

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We have an update on the confusing Lamar Odom situation.

With outlets offering conflicting coverage on the reality star's status - Is he in rehab or not - we can now confirm that both sides were right at various points this week.

Yes, Odom checked into a treatment facility on Wednesday morning. But he then checked out Thursday afternoon, according to a pair of People sources.

The 33-year-old has since been seen in Los Angeles.

It's unclear what Lamar's intentions now are, but TMZ has posted a story in which it details a summer of major drug use for the troubled NBA star.

According to unnamed insiders, Odom holed up at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel in late May after being kicked out of his house by Khloe Kardashian.

He then treated then hotel like a "flop house," the site says, partying there with multiple users at a time and spending as much as $800 per day on his habit.

This insider also confirms that crack was among Odom's drugs of choice.

Khloe supposedly knew about Lamar's drug issues for two years, keeping them secret until this spring when she simply could not do it any longer.

She told her husband to seek help or she would end their marriage.

Now that he's seemingly ignored that advice, what will become of the couple known as Khlomar? Heck, more importantly, what will become of Lamar Odom?


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