Joseph Gordon-Levitt Doppelganger: Almost as Pretty as Him!

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A doppelganger for Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become the darling of Reddit, and it's easy to see why. The features, facial expression and overall resemblance are striking.

The best part? She's female.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Doppelganger

Considering how pretty the 32-year-old actor is, it's not altogether surprising that this particular celebrity look-alike is a member of the opposite sex.

Still, pretty hilarious.

What girl wouldn't want to hear that they're a total dead-ringer for one of Hollywood's most surprisingly formidable, and formidably surprising, leading men?

Okay, maybe that comparison would be a little specific and unusual. But you could do worse as famous person twins go. That's all we're saying.

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the main difference is: her 'Entrance' is a Vagina but hisone smells to shit & is called 'Anus'.


in my country, indonesia, it's said if you are dating someone that looks similar to you, that means she/he is your soulmate.
maybe they should give a