Elephant and Dog Play in Water, Are Total BFFs

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Well, this is easily the cutest thing ever.

An orphaned elephant in South Carolina named Bubbles has befriended a Black Labrador named Bella, as the two reside at Myrtle Beach Safari for Endangered Animals and regularly play together in the water.

As explained in the following video, Bubbles seems to take comfort in the presence of Bella, happily splashing around and letting the canine use his trunk as a jumping-off point for a game of catch.

Watch the animals interact now and take solace that there's still hope for this poor crying elephant:


yep: an naĆ­ve american video again.(real life is so different there)


What a fraud! This outfit is no "sanctuary." It's a digusting roadside zoo callee T.I.G.E.R.S, operated by exhibitor Bhagavan (Kevin) Antle. Kevin Antle's appalling history is in the public record. Antle has failed to meet minimal federal standards for the care of animals used in exhibition as established in the U.S. Animal Welfare Act. Antle has been repeatedly cited for failing to provide animals with sufficient cage space, failing to provide animals protection from the elements, for failing to provide the animals clean water, for failing to provide an exercise plan for his dogs and for failing to provide a Program of Environmental Enrichment for his primates. In 1991, the USDA charged Antle with multiple and repeated violations of the AWA; Antle paid a $3,500 fine. Also in 1991, a lion owned by Antle attacked a model during a photo shoot in New Hampshire; the model sustained injuries requiring over fifty stitches. Despite his predictably self-serving claims to protect and conserve animals, his display is a blatant example of animal exploitation whose ultimate goal is profit. No legitimate animal rescue group would use the animals in their care as props