Chris Brown to Kanye West: Hire Security or Some Street N--gas to Handle the Bulls--t!

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Chris Brown has offered his unsolicited advice on Kanye West's paparazzi woes, and he does speak from experience when it comes to public displays of range.

If you missed it, Kanye exploded at paparazzi outside his house at 4 a.m. Friday, the latest in a string of dustups he's had with aggressive cameramen.

What does Chris should do about the recurring problem?

Chris Brown Lookin' Ridic
Kanye West vs. Photographer

Simple: "Hire some security or some street niggas to take care of the bullshit so u not explaining Yaself," Chris advised Kanye via Twitter.

That Tweet has since been deleted, but this observation is still up:

"I hate how the media makes us look like aggressive animals. On some real shit If those cameras on ya property that means its trespassing," he said.

"$hit ain't cool!"

West says he will press charges against photographers who tried to talk to him while he was in his own garage and getting ready to leave for Paris.

The 36-year-old rapper told them to "Shut the f--k up, it's 4 am, you blood suckin' mosquito! You bully! You f--kin' mosquito bully! Mosquito bully!"

West, who's currently facing battery and attempted grand theft charges for allegedly attacking a paparazzo at LAX, has been doing his best to avoid them.

That made the incident outside his house all the more ridiculous. It did not turn violent, but 'Ye was clearly irate that he can't get away from them.

Brown's advice about adding security might not be the worst idea.

West, for his part, has not replied to Breezy, though he did continue his campaign against Jimmy Kimmel by tweeting that the talk show host is "evil."

He is now in Paris with baby mama Kim Kardashian.

Brown Tweets to Ye

Photographers and paparazzi need to leave Kanye and Kim alone. They know how Kanye is. Still, they keep harassing him and her. That just tells me that the paparazzi/photographers have nothing better to do with their life.


lmaooo .so here's the thing Kanye knows he LOOOVES this attention. For crying out loud its not just the FANS who made u famous but its also the media. I f he hates the media so much u know what the medis should now on stop talking or taking pictures or filming Kanye. Give Kanye West NO MORE attention lets see how his career would go from there.


BTW CB, you are an aggressive animal. Thats why they pursue you, you "react" to them.


these black boy's still need a Nanny, folks.(sorry to say)

John dietz
@ abe

another racist white boy. damn...they everywhere! and they wonder why black people play the race card...


In my opinion: The kardashians needs to come up with a better strategy than to keep using the old scripts with same story line. Think about it everyone. I feel that this is nothing but yet another publicity stunt on the kardashians behalf. Reasons why, no reports of any paps has ever camped outside kanye's drive way(remember kanye stated that he is the #1 ROCK STAR ok),before and kanye west never ever went ballistic before while at home. Why now all of all sudden?hmmmm In my opinion who is to say that all of this is nothing but a smoke screen. Kanye West, is going to court soon and needs some type of evidence that the paps are crossing the line with invading his privacy (kanye west has already stated that he had hired a security team and bought to armour trucks for safety)hmm what happen to all his security did he lie about ownership of protections.LOL Kanye west is so loosing it big time. Also why would kanye west make a statement "I am going to do something about this".hmmm So during 4 a.m. Kanye West goes ballistic on camera and there you have it proof that that the paps are trespassing on his property. Consent to approach him all an act very poor acting kanye. Turns out that he was on his way to catch a flight to Paris. I would have taken time out and called the 911 immediately if I felt threaten by the paps. Kanye west did not play this attack out properly ok it was a big fat FAIL kanye west try again. It was stated that the paps were not from TMZ but from some other compay how fake right.LOL The photographers were more likely on ninja mommagers,kris jenner bank account or even kanye west could have set all of this up himself and paid big money just for the cameras to show that his privacy is being violated. Poor acting, kanye west try again. No person goes ballistics on paps and jumps into their car and speeds off into the sunset It seemed staged to me all an act, I am into acting and no one was close to him once again. Kanye west is trying to stay out of jail of course ok. Think about it kanye west, this little boy does not want to go to JAIL. It sounds like deja vu, remember when kris jenner stated that paps had jumped her fence and was on her property. It was all shown in a video that kim voice was on it saying we have an intruder on the property, while kris jenner is caught running barefoot in her backyard, later to find out it was no one at all. All of this seems to be a publicity stunt to make people believe the paps were on their Calabassa home front and they weren't at all. I wonder did Kanye West fired his security or did he ever have any security knowing that kim k lives in front of the cameras.hmmm It is so funny what the kardashians will plot next, just like everyone is getting tired of all the stories on poor Lamar drugs issues which may not be true and khloes selfies,instagrams,tweets etc so they can air all on their reality show. Stay tune. It is not my intentions to insult anyone at all it is only an opinion. Now kanye west in Paris with his baby momma Kim Kardashian,and smiling like a cat with no care in the world being all calm in front of the cameras how fake is all of this.LOL


Or, ''Hey guys - how ya doing? Y'all wanna come in for a beer!"

@ Roy

Wtf I didn't even read that for obvious reasons but seriously dude you have WAY too much time on your hands.


From what see neither of them need help looking like animals. Street niggas? You mean more niggas like them? Breezy? WTF kind of name is that for a real man. Should call his as sleeeezzzy. Their fanbase must be made up of total losers.

@ Sims

So nice to know that you have time to spare. :-[

@ Sims

Be kind.

@ Kimberly

For you... I surrender.

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