Britney Spears Bikini Photos: Work, Bitch!

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Britney Spears has been working up a major sweat in preparation for her latest music video and residency in Las Vegas, and safe to say it's paying off.

The 31-year-old singer posted a snapshot of herself looking particularly svelte and hot - in more ways than one - in a turquoise bikini on her Instagram account.

"Gonna get my tan on in the desert in between shots on the #WorkB***h set today,' she wrote. "It's HOT out here people!!!! #desert #heatwave #WorkB****hDay2."

If you missed it, her new single will be titled, "Work Bitch."

The star paired her brightly-colored two piece with a pair of glittering platform heels for the picture and appeared to be inside some kind of trailer.

Britney Spears also tweeted a sexy still from her video shoot which featured her sporting a yellow and black lacy bra set and elbow length leather gloves:

Britney Spears Bikini Picture (2013)
Britney Spears Photo: Work Bitch!

She is seen seductively holding her arms over her head in a sultry pose, showing off her incredibly toned midriff. Once again, it was a sizzling experience.

"Hot day on set… ;) A little dirty, little flirty, danced my A** off!"

Spears has been on a rigorous fitness schedule, doing three-day-a-week, hour-long cardio workouts and daily yoga sessions, according to Shape.

The music megastar's new single, which is believed to be loosely inspired by RuPaul’s "Supermodel (You Better Work)," is due out September 17.

We can't wait for it. Bitch.

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Dafuq it looks sexy!! How fucking it is?! I want to see britney spears wearing gloves and having sex!




I'm glad I made a bet on her.


We are so proud of you for having a personal trainer, your own personal gym and plenty of time on your hands.

Todd jacobs

Unfortunately the new figure doesn't help the terrible singing voice and horrible songs.


She's only 31?! It could have said 41, and I would have believed it. Not by the way she looks, but it just seems that she's been around forever. I guess that requesting she disappear for a couple of decades would be asking too much. Or, return to the more interesting, attacking-autos- with-umbrellas days.


She still need a lot of work to look trim, she looks plump. Sorry...

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