Vicki Gunvalson: "Done" With The Real Housewives of Orange County?

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On next week's reunion special, Vicki Gunvalson claims she's "done with the show," but is she really leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County?

Apparently, tension between the cast members and Vicki over her on-again off-again boyfriend Brooks Ayers finally boils over on next week's installment.

Vicki Can't Believe It

“Guess what, Vicki’s done with the show!” Gunvalson proclaims as she walks off the set of Monday's climactic part three of the reunion special.

Next week, Vicki, Brooks Ayers, and her daughter Briana Wolfsmith-Culberson all let the vitriol fly, and it gets quite epic, even by RHOC standards.

In one instance of dueling tempers, the unpopular Brooks and Briana go at it, as her husband Ryan's antics are brought up and she says to Vicki’s love interest:

“Don’t you dare make s**t up about my f***ing husband!”

“Don’t make s**t up about me!” Brooks shoots back.

Ayers, of course, has been in the news a lot lately.

Whether they're making it up or not, he's accused of plotting to have his business partner killed ... and for calling Vicki a “f*cking whore” on tape.

Listen below to leaked audio of him threatening to “beat her ass,” and bragging that he’s free with his hands “because … that’s what we do in the South.”

Should be a fun reunion Monday ...


Vickie is so stupid.Making such dumb remarks.Money doesn't make you smart.


Love love love Tamra Judge & Heather Dubrow, BUT come on... when is Vicki going to sail off into the sunset with her lil company & spare us? I love watching the show, but each year I keep waiting to see NO Vicki. Please retire from rhoc Vicki!


HA, they're already back together.


VICKI...!! hello? I have 20 years on you...and have been where you are PLUS.. I WAS in a physically abusive marriage; cheated on; lied to; and all the uglies! I WAS 50 and in love with a man who loved me yet my daughter refused to accept. I fretted and fought it just like you. Bottom Line????? It's YOUR life! You're NOT stupid! Briana is your DAUGHTER.....not your parent or your keeper, so she can go live her life with her rude, egotistic husband and make excuse after excuse for HIM! She has NO business putting her finger/thoughts/opinions into your relationship with Brooks UNLESS you ask her to...period! If you love the with him. If he makes you happy, content, fulfilled....absorb all you can get and eat it up! YOU are the one who will deal with him daily...not Briana, and again...and's NONE OF HER BUSINESS!!! Be happy Vickie....just grab what happiness life throws your way, cause trust 20 SHORT years when you're my age, you'll be glad you did!!!!


I agree Lydia brings nothing to the show and doesn't fit in. Just watched the reunion part three and I think Brianna is such a bitch. she is just down right rude. I have mixed feelings about Brookes, however, she is so nasty to him. No one deserves to be treated like that. she says she has a "list" of thing about him, so bring em out and find out what is truth or what is made up.

@ Sarah

That's right Sarah, tell Vicki to ignore those who have loved, supported and stood by her. Tell her to toss all that aside and be with someone who everyone else in the world knows is toxic but she is too blind to see. (e.g. police reports, lawsuits, court reports, news paper articles, recordings, etc.) Then Brooks can leave her with her life in shambles and Vicki can be glad she listened to you and not those who Vicki should know love her and want her to be happy.


Lydia does not belong with this group, she does not fit in, her looks and way of living is not what should be on this show! They are all so beautiful and fun(in their own way) and that is why we watch.. Why would they bring her on, she thinks she is so good and pure. so frustrating to watch,fast forward when she is on..Vicki, don't leave! And who is this new group Lydia had on?


Time to shut down Bravo.....What the hay......Andy I can not believe your show. The housewives from Hell......What are U doing? Money buys all kind of bull.....Andy seems to love it???????


I can't stand Vicki! And Tamara is another one. Leave Gretchen alone, she is a happy person without u 2.


Vicky, is that a promise you are quitting? I am grateful for miracles.



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