Lee Thompson Young: Depression, Religion to Blame For Young Actor's Suicide?

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With questions continuing to be raised over why Lee Thompson Young killed himself at the age of 29 this week, a new report points to a pair of possible reasons:

  1. Depression.
  2. Religion.

An unnamed source tells the site that Young had suffered from the former for a long time, while confirming that the Rizzoli & Isles star was anything but a party animal during his time on Earth.

"He was the opposite. Lee loved to travel and was always the first to tell everyone to take a breath and enjoy the beauty of life," the insider says, adding the star was "gentle and unassuming" despite a lot of success in Hollywood.

Some close to Young, however, say things "changed" a bit in recent years when he started to practice an Africa-based religion known as "Yorùbá."

Young allegedly "took [his religion] to the next level and started wearing white all of the time," says a source. "This religion was everything to him."

But while Yorùbá does not espouse suicide as anything to admire, this same source confirms that Young visited a small village in Africa just prior to his death, re-engaging in the religion and taking it more seriously than ever.

Without a suicide note at the scene, however, this is all conjecture. We'll never truly know what was going through the young man's mind.

Production on Rizzoli & Isles Season 4, meanwhile, has been suspended in the wake of this tragic event.

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If it was religion that caused him to commit suicide, then it must be a pretty f----- up religion. It's my understanding that religion's mission was to bring personal peace. I'm a die-hard agnostic, and here's one reason why: If there's only ONE true and almighty God, why are there so many "factions" of believers? Christians, Muslims, Baptists, Methodists, Mormons, Pentecostal, Jews, and the list goes on and on...... And why do all of those factions believe that ONLY their faction has the One, True answer? God must not be very powerful at all if he allows violence and confusion to reign in his name.


@Kay Yoruba is a tribe in Nigeria and not a religion. Get it right!!!


point of correction yoruba is NOT a religion its a language

@ bilkisu

Yoruba is a tribe in Nigeria, a language, and a religion.


Perhaps our time would be better spent praying for Lee's family, ouselves & others; rather than GuEsSiNg how God has judged Lee Thompson Young.


I wholeheartedly agree w your post about how wonderful love is between 2 people no matter the size,shape, skin color or sexual orientation. I know that God accepts & loves us just how we are~how He made us. :) Peace & blessings to you & yours :)


Yoruba is not a religion. It is a tribe. Get your facts right before you post stuff.


It wasn't suicide, it was murder. Wait and see.

@ dee

I so hope your wrong he was a great actor,and had such a cute baby face. RIP in god's home god bless you


I sure will....I'm being blessed with a Grandson today! And they're Mormon, thier beliefs are 3 levels of heaven-lowest level is the furthest from God and you can be placed there if you do commit suicide.


No one is juding ! Um,just!!!!speaking or commenting on the others,Yes.God is our Judge! But people still do what they want, so guess what!!!! Does that change the rules or The laws of Gods Word!lets all have a good day!!.


And.you point is????

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