Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off Baby Bump, Bangs on Red Carpet

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She bangs, people, she most definitely bangs.

No, this is not a reference to Jennifer Love Hewitt's sex life with fiance Brian Hallisay... even though they definitely have one because the actress is pregnant.

Instead, we're referring to the star's new hairstyle, which she debuted this week on the red carpet of a Pampers-sponsored event in New York City. Click Play to see it for yourself:

Hewitt is due in July and told ABC News that it's been an adjustment to suddenly have a person growing inside your womb.

"You wake up in the morning and you go, "Wow, this is no longer my body," she said. "What's going to happen today? It teaches you to not be in control and I've been a control freak for a long time."

JLH added that she suddenly craves cake and that she and her Client List costar won't even discuss wedding plans until after their child is born.

As for the brunette's new look? Compare it to her old one here and vote:

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I had the biggest crush on this chick for the lonnnnnngest time. I'm glad to see that she's happy and having a family. I hope everything works out for her. And her bangs are decent.


She's due in July? Wow. Longest pregnancy ever. Call Guinness...


lets call it a draw...jlh has the best eyes and forehead ever. The new bangs look pops those perfect eyes... while the big hair swept back shows off that incredible forehead. Not much if anything you could do that wouldn't work when a woman is that breath taking.

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