Farrah Abraham: Jealous of Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape!

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Kris Humphries' ex, Myla Sinanaj, a.k.a. the anti-Kim Kardashian, made her X-rated film debut Monday. And Farrah Abraham is far form happy about it.

Incredibly (or perhaps not incredibly, given either's claim to fame), the two sex tape stars were once friends. Now they are just dirty, sexy rivals, though.

Farrah Abraham, Myla Sinanaj

Myla made headlines yesterday claiming that Farrah is a sugar-daddy trolling liar and an opportunist who will do anything (or anyone) to get rich.

Now Sinanaj is upping the ante, saying Abraham “freaked” over her "competition" for body-baring bucks and wants to sabotage her X-rated efforts.

“Farrah totally freaked out when she found out I was doing a sex tape,” says Myla, who became friends with Farrah when the two shared a manager this year.

“She is really scared that [I will] outsell her, because she makes money based on sales."

"Farrah also makes a lot of money for her appearances, and didn’t want competition.”

Hoping to derail the Myla Sinanaj sex tape before it could even begin, “Farrah lied and told everyone that I only got $15,000 to do my tape,” she claims.

“That’s absolutely false. I got six figures for it and so did she."

"I have no idea where she got that number $15,000 from.”

“And I know it was her because she was the only person besides my manager who knew I was doing the tape. We were friends but now we’re definitely not."

"She has no friends and she’s never going to have any."

For now, it looks like Myla has the last laugh, telling Radar Online, “I already have bookings for September! My schedule is just insane right now.”

It was all worth it, too, she says.

“Making the tape was really fun for me. It’s not that big a deal. If it was like ten years ago it would be such a bigger deal. It’s 2013. Everyone does it.”


I've recently watched Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape!
Here's the video: Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape

Hh yeah baby! It made my day!


Like I've been saying about Farrah, she's an attention, fame whore that will do ANYTHING for money! She makes these little videos with her poor daughter to try and make people think she's a good mother, FAR FROM IT!! Derek's mother needs to fight for custody again now because last time things weren't as bad as they are now! People have been saying Farrah looks like she's on drugs, well there ya go SHE'S A COKE HEAD!! She needs SERIOUS Help!! Her parents are obviously just as screwed up If they don't see a time bomb ready to explode here!!


@ Michael+Abraham Since u are the only one on this site defending Farrah the Whore who Hired a Nasty Porn Star to make A Nasty Sex tape to be sold for For Fame, I can conclude that whores do run in ur family and are accepted. Women have sex out of wedlock all the time but Skank Whores hire Porn stars and Douchebags defend them


Jules you have no facts to make that statement about Farrah. As to using that word "whore" ...I guess you don't have any females in your family that had sex out of marriage which would make you "rightness" enough to say that....or do you call woman in your family and friends whores to their face that are having sex out of marriage.


Farrah has no reason to talk about Myla cuz neither one will ever be famous for anything but being a whore


Myla Sinanaj is a dirty fat chubby slut who wishes she was kim K. I feel sooo bad for her parent's and her nieces who have a WHORE for a role model. The only reason she is famous is for kris humphries and also because she can not keep Kim Kardashian's name out her mouth. Kim is a 100 times better looking and smarter. The 6 figures myla got will run out in no time and she will be known as a fat whale that no one wants. Kris Humphries is laughing at this pathetic cunt bucket I know because I am friends with someone who personally knows him. He thinks Myla is a pathetic bitch hahahahaha. Fat albanian whore.


I don't believe this Myla person. Both of them look awful. Farrah looks like a horse and Myla is fat. Neither are appealing at all.

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