Willow Smith "Summer Fling" Music Video: Too Racy For a 12-Year-Old?

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Willow Smith's new "Summer Fling" music video and lyrics have drawn criticism from some parents who find the content a bit racy for someone her age.

She's 12, after all.

The Willow Smith "Summer Fling" video shows her holding hands, hugging, cuddling and flirting with a seemingly older boy, and features lyrics such as:

"You tell me that I’m the one / I tell you it's just for fun / Don't really care what we do tonight / Good night kiss 'til the mood is right."

"Laying by the beach with you / Wishing it would never end."

The video - and song about having a "fling" at age 12, has some parents worried that it's too mature for Willow's age, while others say it's all in good fun.

Where do you stand on Willow Smith's new video?


Willow is too young for this kind of video and lyrics. What example is she showing? She is only teaching kids how to be sily. She's no good example. She's just 12 but too dirty. Should it be miley cirus? Well miley is an adult now, kids like willow are supposed to pick up from where she stoped being a kid


Your video it mak me craz willow nice


The lyrics are a bit too risque, but the video itself isn't too bad.


Is there anything her parents WON'T let her do?


only scientology followers do these things.

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