The Bachelorette Final Three: Who Will Des Pick?

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The Bachelorette final three are set and off to the overnight dates after the somewhat surprising elimination of Zak Waddell on Monday's episode.

So who's it gonna be?

If you've read The Bachelorette spoilers at all this season, you know she's been really into one guy from the onset. Did last night change any of that?

Brooks Forester is the man Des said she was in love with prior to the hometown dates, but Chris Siegfried and Drew Kenney both helped their chances.

Enough to pull an upset over Brooks? That's the million-dollar question.

From what we know of Desiree Hartsock, it seems very unlikely that she'll send all of them home, no matter what the promos might make it look like.

We know she envisions Brooks at the end of her journey (take a shot, Bachelorette drinking game players), while the other two are also good choices.

Chris and Drew made it known they're both serious, committed and there the right reasons as well (drink again)! So she's getting engaged ... right?

How do you think it'll play out in the coming weeks? Check the spoilers link above if you want to know, but either way, tell us: who do you want to win?

Who should Des pick of her top three on The Bachelorette?


every one say Chris


I think Des is leading the last two guys on knowing she loves Brooks. When she realized she already had fallen in love with Brooks then she should have been honest with the remaining contestants and let them know. She wouldn't like it if the shoe was on the other foot!!!!!!!!!!!


the poll should have included none of the above.


I know that Desiree will most likely pick Brooks but i wish she do a Jason Mesnick and pick Chris for they look good together or Drew his family connection was good unlike Brooks they did get me they like her.


I can't believe how stupid this Desiree is. Out of all the bachelorettes she has to be the dumbest to date. She actually gave it away who she chooses. Also this guy is so gay, it isn't even funny. What is wrong w/her? She comes from a disfunctional family anyway. Her brother is a complete wack job. eww. She should have chosen Chris. He seemed like the only normal guy. Besides, she is soooo boring. YUK>>>>>>>>>>>


Guess the spoiler was wrong this time. I think Brooks is her choice because he is the 'forbidden fruit', playing hard to get. I can't pick for her, but I am impressed with the empathy of Drew. He didn't have to include his sister in the hometown visit, but it is obvious he has learned that all human life is sacred and he respects it. That means he could handle her weird brother and maybe teach him something about love and compassion. Chris is also a winner, but I think Drew would be the best long-term choice. God bless, Des.

@ surprised



Of COURSE she will pick Brooks! My God if she is in love with him already then send the others home! Don't lead them on. I think she is hedging her bets just in case Brooks doesn't say the "L" word like the others. Hell, I feel sorry for any guy connected to her with that whacky brother she has! Tell him to BUTT OUT! or every guy will RUN after meeting her family,,,,,,,NEXT!!!!


american will choose drew.


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