Reporter Responds to Perceived Kris Jenner Bribe, SLAMS Awful Talk Show Host

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The Kris Jenner talk show has not exactly earned rave reviews.

Many have called the host out for her stiff delivery, while others have said she continually mentions Kim Kardashian in an attempt to piggyback off her daughter's fame.

But few have been harsher than Linda Stasi of The New York Post.

Khloe and Kris

"Kris is so horrible it should come with a hazard warning," Stasi writes, adding that Jenner "has as much business with a talk show as her big, talentless bore-of-a-daughter, Khloe, had co-hosting a talent show like The X Factor."

And how did Jenner respond to such a critique? By sending the reporter a dozen Magnolia cupcakes and a $325 sterling silver Tiffany pen!

The latter even included a strange note that said maybe Stasi could use it to write a better review next time.

How else to interpret such a gift other than as a bride? That's how the journalist took it, at least, which led to more stinging criticism of Jenner.

"Kris, let’s get something straight right here, right now," Stasi wrote in response. "I cannot be bought - for a pen. A pen and pencil set, maybe - but just a pen?

"To improve your rating, Mrs. Kardashian-Jenner, either you somehow become interesting, which given the data seems as likely as the pope turning Jewish, or you do better with the bribes."

ZING! Perhaps Jenner ought to just go back to planning the release of sex tapes for her children.


She thinks she's the queen. Wonder if she realizes how many people can't stand her. I hope she fails w/the talk show. Of
course of then she pulls out the money we so stupily help
her accumlate. I hate Bruce is such a wimp. I thought he'd finally stand up.


I read some of the comments and Kris Jenner did not give birth to Brody and does Not have to be the one "bad mouthed" cuz Bruce was not a good Father to him or his brother. Kris gave birth to SIX kids who she has done her best to keep employed and all the bad talk people give her most families I know with alot of children, if One them works in the family thats a record. Any complaints Brody has needs to be directed to Bruce cuz Robert Kardashian stayed in his kids life until he died. What is the problem Kris doesn't owe Bruce grown kids he did raise nothing as far as the Review Kris shouldn't have bought him anything. She should have tweeter him to "Kiss her Behind."

@ jules

Whether or not Kris gave birth to Bruce's other kids makes no difference. Bruce is still THEIR parent & Kim obviously has influence on Bruce as his wife. No child, whether they're on the best of terms with a parent or not, wants to see a parent treated badly. Also, I don't think they want to see their step-siblings exploited either. How many times has Bruce stood up for Kris's kids? I HATE the show but I've seen a few segments where he has backed them, the girls especially. He stepped in to help when Kourtney & Rob had a spat & he was there when Khloe got married. As for the reporter who trashed Kris's show, it was a FEMALE who gave the bad review, not a man, unless there is a guy named Linda.


It seems to me that Brody is the only one that is N-O-T afraid of that media-hungry HO-BAG Kris (aka Brody's fake, shallow and evil-ass stepmother from H-E-L-L). And for that I give Brody endless KUDOS AND PROPS!!!!! Bruce needs to FINALLY grow a backbone/spine and FINALLY leave Kris's stupid wife-zilla ass...N-O-W!!!!!


WOW normally I read a few comments on a blog & may agree with half of them. I admit I've only read 4-5 here but TOTALLY agree with what I've read. Brody seems like he's got a good head on his shoulders. I've thought for a LONG time that Bruce needs to dump Kris's butt & take the girls. Sad thing is I'm not sure if they'd go with him now since they've been in the spotlight. I don't think the rest of the kids are NEARLY as conceited...well except maybe Kim...BUT they need to pull the plug on ALL K-crew shows! My understanding is the show WILL end but the bad news is it won't be until 2015 :-( PLEASE get rid of this CRAP!!!!


Brody Jenner is the ONLY one that sees Kris for what she really is. The *PIIMP MOMAGER* has finally been seen by her step/son. Brody, you are sooo SMART, because you say it like it REALLY is. Kris on the other hand, USES other people to get where she wants to get. When caught in her WEB of DECEIT, she responds very quickly tryint to make it look like SHE is the innocent bystander, when SHE is the one that brings alot of DEMANDING power by everyone. Brody, you are sooo right, so stick to your THEORY, becaue you hit the nail into Kris's coffin at being a mom/type woman. Staci, you must have made her DAM angry, because most people when found out, CAN'T accept it, and WALLA, you got some cupcakes and a PEN, along with her SNIED remark of learning how to WRITE.. I only hope and PRAY that her show goes DIRECTLY down the TOILET, never to be brought to t.v. again.

@ Geronimo

You're right ON THE MONEY, Geronimo, & it's a SICK WORLD we live in when a woman HER age knowingly "pimps" out her young daughters (yes, the younger ones w Mr. Jenner whom I feel SO SORRY FOR! How he has stayed married to that SHE-DEVIL I will never know!


Now that Kris Jenner's so-called talk show is ALREADY off to a very shitty start (lol), hopefully, CANCELLATION is just right around the corner. LOL!!!!!


Agreed, The Kardashians just about any and everything to keep thier faces in the papers. But at least it's good to know that some journalists out there that won't stoop to such fakery.

@ Kimberly

Kimberly, I think the LAST & FINAL trick that Kris will REVEAL, is WHO is the real FATHER of Khloe. Geez, I wonder if he will be getting out of Prison SOON. Kris will do just about ANYTHING, so we will have to WAIT and SEE.

@ Geronimo

That's fucking funny. I always thought OJ was her father.
She got that big bobble head of his and she does look like his other daughter.{ Just saying}


OMFG.. This families obsession with plastic surgery is cray..cray.. Kris is looking more & more like Joan Rivers.. and her husband..what's his nuts..(if Kris has given them back yet) looks identical to Skeletor...Eeeeeeekkkkk...With the fat blockhead and bulldog face that Kanye has it's no wonder they're not releasing photos of da brat "Nori".. sounds like sushi..


Haha! Well written! So sad that she's now pimping out her teenage daughters! I lost a lot of respect for Ryan Seacrest, which is the one that got the Trashdashions started!


Kris Jenner is consistent if nothing else. I haven't seen her show simply because I can't imagine anything interesting she has to say. Why not concentrate on your grandchildren and husband Kris?


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