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I once had a hole in one. Sadly, I was playing solo and I didn’t have the benefit of social media to witness it. 

The Newsroom star Jeff Daniels does not have this problem. He not only had two witnesses in person but he has 116,000 followers on Twitter. 

Daniels posted the jubilant picture of himself along with the tweet, “133 yds. 8 iron into a stiff wind. Power Draw. No roll up and trickle in; a slam dunk.”

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet

“Two witnesses. #9 @ Polo Fields.” 


Congrats Mr. Daniels! You may be an award winning actor who is beloved by fans the world over, but all of us who play the game know this trumps almost all of that.

If you are like me and always confusing the two, Jeff Daniels is the one who got the hole in one. Jeff Bridges is the one who was videobombed by Jennifer Lawrence.