Nathan Griffith: Using Jenelle Evans For Money?

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Troubled Teen Mom 2 celebrity Jenelle Evans is head over heels for her new boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, but is he just using her as his meal ticket?

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While Jenelle’s husband, Courtland Rogers, sits in jail (he's unable to post bail), it turns out Nathan has been in the local courthouse many times too.

Nathan Griffith, 25, has had one traffic case, one common pleas case and two civil cases against him, indicating that he may have financial problems.

A $5,005.82 judgment was entered against him in April, and just one month before he bought a house with Jenelle, he was evicted from his place.

According to Horry County court records in South Carolina, Nathan’s landlord entered a plea to have him evicted and it was granted on May 20.

Jenelle Evans purchased a new $135,000 house in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina so she and her boyfriend of several months could move in together.

“Jenelle got a house with Nathan and she’s really happy about it,” a source said, but “it’s suspicious timing that Nathan has all these money problems."

“He’s already under attack for being called a ‘deadbeat dad‘ for child support stuff, so it’s clear Jenelle has expectations when it comes to the men she dates.”

We're guessing there's a word ("low") missing from that Radar quote?

Either way, Nathan also had a traffic violation in 2012 when he was charged for driving without a license, so it looks like the two have a lot in common!

Griffith, a model, recently shot down rumors that he is gay, saying sodomy is against his religion. He has yet to address his fiscal problems on Twitter.

How long do you think these two will last?


too bad the house was rented jenelle is not a good liar rented rainbows dui 4 coming for gayboy pull the cord mtv


How dare you besmirch the good name and judgement of Janelle ? Yes she has made her mistakes but I'm sure she has learned from them. Give the poor girl a little respect please.


......a horny Peadophile?

@ abe

All+, you are hilarious. I love your comment.


using him for money?? hes an aspiring model would do anything for fame and recognition .. funny i had no idea who he was until he started dating jenelle .. very smart of him to use the most controversial reality star for some attention

@ tina

He's an aspiring model? A "model" what, airplane? Yeah, like we're going to see him doing the spring collections in New York this fall, right?

@ chele

I absolutely agree with you. I am just saying that because its what i read about him. And to the other person who commented no good guy who sees her on tv and in magazines etc. is gunna give her a chance. If she doesnt care about her own mother, child, and her own self. Then how much of a good person can she be. Shes an embarrassment. There is no way he has any good intentions. Hes a user like all of her damn boyfriends and exhusbands and exfiances. So damn sad

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