Indifferent Cat Greets Owner After Six Months Apart

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Forget McKalyla Maroney and Robinson Cano for a moment.

The cat in the following video is particularly unimpressed. Even after not seeing his owner for six months.

Indeed, felines don't exactly share the same bond with their masters as canines. It's not a judgment. It's just a fact, as evidenced below. Watch now and remember:

There's probably a dog somewhere that could use a rescue!


wow... obviously cat-people are not people-people :P


I can't view the video :(


Not only is the producer of the video and the writer not a cat person and has no clue about the intelligence of cats but this video was such a lame acting, lighting and script attempt. I have cats and dogs and both greet me at the door every time I come home. The cats try to get to me first but the dog is always stepping on them so they sit back and wait or get higher so that they can reach me. If I am gone a long time they greet me with true exuberance then one of them does turn his back for a few minutes to let me know how upset he was that I was gone, the other ones just yells at me for 5 minutes :) One of my cats has protected me from aggressive dogs and even went after a bear one time. Love is love no matter what form it comes in or how it is expressed. It takes an intelligent and sensitive person to understand a cat and then you are in awe of how truly remarkable they are.


Fuck no you stupid whore who wrote this article. My cats come greet me every day when I get home (my dogs don't) and show me constant love and affection. I've also had one of my cats get protective of me when my ex bf was yelling at me. He went and hissed at him and swiped at him, protecting his mom. - Sure, some cats are dick heads, but some dogs are too. They are individuals just like people. Shove your ignorance right back up your ass and stop being a biased pos.


First, the writer of this video is obviously a cat hater. Second all cats are different. Some cats will greet their owners like crazy meowing and rubbing on them after their owners are just gone for a few hours. You pick an aloof cat and try to make out like it's what all cats are like. Third, 6 months is a loooong time for a cat's life. The cat started to get used to it's new life without the owner after all that time. It may have been very hurt and missing the owner when they first left but now grew used to the idea of the owner being gone. That's what cat's do and how they survive without being mopey all their lives after and needing anti-depressants. What a BS article.