Emma Roberts: Arrested For Domestic Violence After Fight With Evan Peters

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Emma Roberts was arrested on a domestic violence charge July 7, according to reports.

The incident took place in Canada, and the alleged victim was boyfriend Evan Peters.

Emma Roberts, Evan Peters

Emma Roberts, Eric Roberts' daughter and Julia Roberts' niece, was taken into custody after someone called police to report a fight in Evan and Emma's hotel room.

Police found Evan with a bloody nose when they arrived, and Emma was arrested. 

A law enforcement source tells TMZ that Evan also had a bite mark on him.

Emma, 22, was released hours later when Evan, 26, declined to press charges.

Sources close to Roberts say she and Evan were in fact hitting each other but only she was arrested since he had the obvious physical injuries.

The sources deny the bite mark detail and note that the couple is back together and both are working on the upcoming season of American Horror Story.

Here's hoping this Canadian horror story was a one-off.


I am surprised that she was arrested. Usually, the male is arrested for abuse and not the female.


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Wow. Who does these things. Why are they together. Another stupid twosome. They deserve each other.


All the marks on him seem like she kept provoking him and he was tying to be a gentleman. Women are like that sometimes keep hitting the man and he will try and stop or defend himself but not by hitting her back. But then the man has had enough then that's when the fighting on both sides start.


If they were beating each other up, charge should have been disturbing the peace. Both were guilty. And leave Eric Roberts out of this, he helped raise Julia & another sister. Their home was no bed of roses.

@ Mary+Ann

So that's why JULIA hates Eric's guts....Makes sense.


what about when your fart is too loud?

@ abe

What about you shutting your face Abe!


She is a chip off the old block....Father Eric (Julia's bro) is a beater. Sad. Early exposure to violence teaches kids that this is the norm. Emma needs to get into therapy if she ever hopes to have healthy, long term relationships.


Looks like she inherited the douchebag side of things from dear old dad....and from the looks of it, he was a douchebag too because he was hitting her too....they didn't arrest him because his scars were more visible....making Peters "The Victim" they're both victims.....of being idiots..


I'm disgusted. If it were the other way around, people would be outraged! Why is okay to beat a guy? Bite marks?!


Wow, who knew that little Emma Roberts could be such a bad ass boyfriend beater! I'm disgusted but also slightly impressed....that makes me bad I know.

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