Eddie Murphy to Star in Beverly Hills Cop Reboot

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We started the day with Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to Conan and now it's Eddie Murphy and Beverly Hills Cop. Apparently we have time traveled back to the 80's and no one sent me the memo.

Eddie Murphy In Beverly Hills Cop

If you were upset over the news that the Beverly Hills Cop TV series wasn't picked up, well dry your eyes because the project still has legs. Not only that but Paramount Pictures has ditched the TV idea and have moved back into the film arena. 

If that wasn't enough, Eddie Murphy has come on board as Axel Foley once again. So much good news for fans of the Beverly Hill Cop franchise.

Although the film has picked up writers Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec, there is no word as to whether or not it will stick with the father/son storyline of the pilot or if Eddie Murphy will go solo.

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for news of a Bowfinger sequel.


I am just curious! How many remakes of remakes of great movies does Hollywood have to make before they find out-----THE FORMULA DOESN'T WORK????? There are so many interesting real life stories that could be brought to the "big screen", and so many wonderful novels that are yet to be made into screenplays. What's the hold up Hollywood??? We ( the paying public) are losing interest REALLY fast!!


Well said "Rob". No wonder this guy's career hit the skids! All he makes are bad movies-----can YOU say "Dr. Doolittle"?-----and the list goes on---


As Axl Foley would always say; " Get the F&^%$ out of here!!" Are they serious?? I'll wait for it to be in the DISCOUNT BIN at Wal-Mart----THEN watch it! Typical Hollywood---NO imagination left!!---How desperate IS Murphy for cash anyway!!

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