Dominique Piek: Dating Ryan Seacrest?

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Note to all men looking to date extreme hotties:

Start interviewing celebrities on the red carpet. And hosting your own show. And producing a number of reality programs. And emceeing American Idol.

That's apparently all it takes!

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Following his split from Julianne Hough, Ryan Seacrest may now be getting it on with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Dominique Piek.

The busy TV personality was spotted in southern France late last month alongside a brunette many believe to be Piek.

Neither half of the alleged couple has spoken publicly on the romance, but the 28-year old South African beauty did Tweet that she's been on vacation, most recently in Europe.

"Last brunch in Cape Town before my next adventure to Europe tonight!" she wrote a few days ago. "Surrounded by love ... First vacation I'm taking in a long time. Off to another paradise... Goodbye cape town! Had the most love filled week ever. Xxx."

Piek broke up with Chris Pine in April.


Dominique has either no Gaydar or is signed up to some "Beard" agency, can't decide which!


I see why Ryan finds her so lovely.... Ryan is gorgeous!!!!!! He just seems 2 be a really nice person... alot comment from haters, but i think its because Ryan is young, successful and very rich and people out are so jealous ...shame on you, do not even know him....


Lucky girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This just in: It was just reported that this person is a woman so the reports of her dating Ryan Suckrest are obviously false.


if she likes to share the bed with his F*ggot-friends?

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