Cory Monteith Death: What Will Glee Do?

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Following the tragic death of Cory Monteith, it may not be important in the grand scheme of things - but it's something Fox will need to consider:

How will Glee Season 5 handle the passing of a central cast member?

Cory Monteith as Finn

It's not unprecedented for programs to deal with the loss of an actor or actress.

The West Wing gave John Spencer's Leo a heart attack. Just last year, Dallas wrote in a funeral for J.R. Ewing after Larry Hagman died.

So... in which direction will Glee go?

Will it make a mere, quick mention of Finn going far away for some reason? Will it actually kill the character off? What SHOULD it do?

Weigh in now with your take on how Glee should deal with Monteith's death:


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They should make it that he had died in the show too and make a tribute in memory of him


i think glee should make it so that Finn had to go to Iraq. It is a shame Rachel and finn didnt get married. :-( if you agree with me email me at thanks bye :-*


it is a shame when this happens as the cast will have to re-live the issue - the soap 'young and the restless' resently lost one of their main actresses (jeanne cooper) and have yet to re-live that situation when they will indeed have to attend a dramatization of the character's funeral : (


Whatever they choose to do would be hard... I just really hope they do not recast him.


I believe it's best to kill him off in the show say he died in an accident on the way to Mc'Kindley leaving college. That way people can get over the fact that he's dead faster. It sounds insensitive but just writing him off and saying he got some cool job offer leaves an opening for his return. Death makes sure that he stays gone and there is no replacement for him. R.I.P Cory.

@ Someone

i agree totally.


i think it would be insensitive to kill him off, especially since its so soon after Cory's passing. However i think it would be just as insensitive to ignore it and write his absence off as a dream job finn couldn't refuse. Whatever the creative team decides to do i think fans will be fine with, as long as it isn't offensive.


I keep waiting for someone to say its some kind of sick joke, unbelievable.
I like the idea of sending Finn away on a dream job.


It was so sad! I cried for an hour yesterday when I learnd he died. I think maybe they should write him off


He's irreplaceable so he should be written out...perhaps Finn got a great job offer he couldn't refuse.


I really don't think that they should kill him off. That seems insensitive... but maybe it's just too early to think about that and maybe I'll change my mind later on and think that it might be a good idea in some respects to kill him off.