Amanda Bynes Loves Drake (For Now), Carmen Electra, lower case font

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Amanda Bynes is back on the love end of her love-hate relationship with Drake again. She's also a fan of Carmen Electra, and lower case font apparently.

Amanda Bynes, Boy

While her ugly list continues to grow, the former child star decided to do a 180 and tweet about celebs that she finds especially attractive.

Because, "if you look good words can't hurt you." Mmmkay.

She tweeted that Carmen Electra "is stunning! I love her!"

Drake, too, "is stunning" (at least for the time being).

Then Amanda Bynes continued to spread the praise with "i love Andrea Bocelli," and "my life has changed for the better ever since I changed to lower case font."

She does raise a good point there. Better to be understated when bashing people than go on a Rebecca Martinson style CAPS LOCK-laden rant.

Good to know the What I Like About You star is in a positive mindset. She even deleted some of the nasty Tweets she wrote about Drake the day before.

"Drake Has Ugly Downward Facing Eyes," she wrote.

Clearly, she's over that ... probably. For the moment.


send her to mars


This chick needs a psychotherapist. Plain and simple. I smell Bipolar disorder all around her. She reminds me of my Cousin actually. Sad.


I will not read any thing more on this poor girl !!!! She needs help not all the media crap you are giving her !!


It was somewhat funny the first week but now stories about this idiot are getting boring. Even if she is bat crap crazy she just isn't all that interesting. Time to move on writers.

@ Hellion

I couldn't agree more

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